Parenting experts issue a warning over viral TikTok cleaning hack

Health experts issue a VERY stern warning to parents over a a new TikTok cleaning ‘hack’ sweeping the globe

  • Parenting experts have issued an urgent warning after a TikTok video went viral
  • In the video the woman poured Fairy dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays
  • She then cleaned her oven trays with ease using the frozen cubes
  • But Australian experts have warned this is a choking hazard for children 
  • Chemicals also should not be stored in anything but their own packaging 

Parenting experts have issued a stern warning after a TikTok user went viral for sharing how to clean oven racks and dirty laundry using frozen dishwashing liquid.

In the video the London-based NHS worker poured Fairy antibacterial dishwashing liquid into ice cube trays and left the detergent to freeze before using.

The tough food stains can be seen sliding off the oven racks with ease by using the frozen cubes.

But Australian Facebook group CPR Kids, which is run by registered nurses, say the cubes are a choking hazard for children as they look like a lolly or ice block.

Chemicals also should not be stored in anything but their own packaging and kept away from children. 

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CPR Kids has issued a warning to parents after a TikTok user went viral for freezing dishwashing liquid to use for cleaning surfaces. The parenting experts say the frozen cubes are a choking hazard (pictured right)

The warning swiftly received responses from horrified parents who were outraged by the ‘hack’.

‘Why would you bother doing this with dish liquid anyway? Pretty easy squeezing it in the sink,’ one woman wrote.

‘I don’t know what the point would be for this,’ another said.

Nurse and director of CPR Kids Sarah Hunstead previously told Daily Mail Australia it’s vital to ‘actively supervise’ kids and learn CPR.

Ms Hunstead urged adults to enroll in courses, insisting: ‘Every parent should know CPR.’ 

A choking hazard is any object that has potential to be caught in a child’s throat, blocking the airways and making it difficult or impossible to breathe.

These include small toys, popcorn, whole grapes, chewing gum, nuts and raw chunks of food. 

CPR Kids is headquartered in Sydney but runs training courses across NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT.

Online courses are also available in WA, Tasmania, SA and the Northern Territory.

Tips to prevent children from choking: 

Try to keep small objects out of reach: Curiosity leads children to put unusual things into their mouths. Check the floor for small objects by getting down to child height and looking around

Always follow the age recommendations on toys: Use toys that are solid and sturdy, and avoid toys with small parts, breakable parts or brittle surfaces. Check toys for exposed stuffing and loose screws and buttons

Avoid buying toys with button batteriesCheck the battery compartments on items in your home to make they’re secured. Keep loose button batteries out of reach

Keep toys for small children and older siblings in separate boxes: Encourage older siblings to keep their little toys out of reach. This might include Lego, doll clothes, beads, car parts and so on

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