Parents have until midnight to update HMRC before child benefits deadline

Brits who claim child benefits have until midnight to update HMRC or risk losing their child benefits.

If your child is between 16 and 20, you might be able to claim the benefit if they remain in full-time education or unpaid training.

However you would need to inform HMRC by the end of today (August 31) or your payments will stop.

Thousands of teens will be getting ready to start university after picking up their GCSE results earlier this month.

Approved education that will entitle you to child benefit include A-levels, NVQs and home education.

If they're going into training, parents might still be able to claim child benefit if it's unpaid.

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Once you've updated HMRC, you won't need to reconfirm your child's plans each year, unless their situation changes.

And if your child decides to go into work, then you will no longer be eligible for child benefit.

According to government figures, there are 7.21 million families getting child benefit and 12.52 million individual children.

Child benefit is a monthly payment for parents or carers who are responsible for a young adult.

You can claim the full amount of child benefit if you and your partner earn less than £50,000 a year.

If you or your partner earn more than that, you can still claim but you might be liable for a tax charge.

To claim you need to let HMRC know about your 16-year-old staying in education or training.

It can be done through the Gov.UK website and updating your records via the Government Gateway.

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