People Are Losing It Over Lady Gaga Kissing a Married Musician

Lady Gaga caused a bit of a stir at her Las Vegas Enigma residency show over the weekend.

On Saturday, the singer and A Star Is Born actress performed with trumpet player Brian Newman, giving him a kiss on stage that had fans freaking out.  

In a video posted to the Gaga Daily Twitter page, Gaga can be seen serenading Newman while holding his hand before she sings the lyrics, “Darling, kiss me,” at which point, she leaned in and locked lips with him.

Though she and Newman are longtime friends, some fans in the replies were not having it, accusing Gaga of being a homewrecker for kissing a married man (Newman is married to burlesque dancer Angie Pontani). 

"I know they are friends since…. Forever," one person wrote. "But Christ's sake, he es [sic] married!!! GAGA should behave better."

"gaga could you STOPPPPP he's married," another Twitter user commented.

Others, however, came to her defense. 

"It’s just a show! She knows how to work it!" one person commented. "It’s called acting….married people kiss others all the time in movies, plays, shows, etc. move on!"

The person does have a point — when asked about rumors about her and Bradley Cooper being in love earlier this year, Gaga said, “Yes, people saw love, and that’s what we wanted you to see … I’m an artist, and I guess we did a good job — fooled ya!”

A source told Us Weekly that the stage kiss with Newman really wasn't a big deal: “There is nothing to see here. Gaga is a performer, and it was a playful, harmless part of her act. She and Brian have had an incredible friendship for years and see each other as family.”

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