People are shocked to find the true last lyrics of Mister Blue Sky

ELO’s iconic pop song Mr. Blue Sky’s mystery final lyric revealed: Fans say they’ve spent ‘years’ thinking the last line was something different – so, did YOU know what Jeff Lynne actually sings?

  • British singer Sam Nicholson was shocked to hear the outro to Mr. Blue Sky 
  • The last lyrics of song are often misheard by listers, but say ‘please turn me over’ 
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It’s a song that’s been playing at weddings and birthday bashes for over four decades – but some fans have only just discovered a mystery lyric at the end of Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Sky wrong. 

The 1977 hit, from the British band fronted by Jeff Lynne, has been an enduring hit thanks to feel good melody and lyrics. 

As fans have been sharing on TikTok, the final words that can be heard on the track are not quite what they seems. 

For years, fans thought the hit ended with a robotic voice uttering the words; ‘Mr Blue Sky-y.’ But it turns out the voice is actually instructing the listeners to turn the vinyl over to the other side, to listen to its B face. 

People have taken to social media to share their shock at this discovery. 

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For decades, it was thought Mr. Blue Sky ended with a robotic voice uttering the words; ‘Mr Blue Sky-y.’ However, it turns out the voice is actually instructing the listeners to turn the vinyl over to the other side, saying: ‘please turn me over’

British singer Sam Nicholson shared a video of the outro of Mr Blue Sky as it played on its turntable. 

‘When you realise he’s saying: “Turn me over” not “Mr Blue Sky” because it’s the end of the side,’ he said in a caption, as the song and its last words played out. 

The vinyl for Mr Blue Sky’s album, Out of the Blue, had two sides, and if fans wanted to listen to the other songs on the album, they had to turn it over. 

So the lyrics was politely letting them know there were more songs to be discovered on the other side of the vinyl.  

Jeff Lynne, the singer of Electric Light Orchestra, actually clarified the lyrics in 2012 during an episode of the BBC’s the One Show, where he said: ‘It actually says “Please turn me over”, because it was the end of that side of the album,’ he said at the time. 

However, more than 10 years on from this admission, fans of the record are still discovering the true lyrics.  

Many have shared their shock on TikTok, with one saying: ‘I always thought it was mr blue sky-ie.  

‘I swore he was saying “Mr blue sky why”,’ said another. 

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The happy, feel good song has been a hit since it was released by Electric Light Orchestra in 1977

‘No way I refuse to believe this,’ one adamantly wrote. 

‘After all these years I find this out. Thanks,’ one said. 

‘This information has honestly changed me as a human being,’ one replied. 

Some people even said they couldn’t distinct any lyrics at all in the intro, just notes. 

‘What are you guys talking about I don’t hear any voice of any kind in this entire TikTok?’ one asked. 

Jeff Lynne revealed in 2012 that the last words on the track were indeed an instruction to turn the vinyl over (pictured in 2017)

While the true meaning of the lyrics has been around for some time, people are still finding out in 2023 and sharing their shock on social media 

Mr Blue Sky was written by Jeff Lynne in 1977, and remains one of Electric Light Orchestra’s most famous records. 

The song tells the story of a rainy day that comes to an end, with Lynne telling the BBC how he came up with the song during a holiday in a Swiss Chalet. 

‘It was dark and misty for two weeks, and I didn’t come up with a thing,” he told the BBC.

‘Suddenly the sun shone and it was, “Wow, look at those beautiful Alps”. I wrote “Mr Blue Sky” and 13 other songs in the next two weeks,’ he added. 

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