People are starting to freeze Kinder Bueno – and apparently they taste ‘better’

Nothing beats a good munch, especially when it involves chocolate.

And for those with a sweet tooth who like experimenting with their food, well this one's for you.

Fear not though, you don't need to be a top notch chef to give this a go as even those who are challenged with their cooking skills can have a crack.

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Well, all you need is a certain chocolate bar and your freezer.

Not any cocoa filled treat though, as the Kinder Bueno in particular has got TikTok users in a frenzy.

Over on the video sharing app the hashtag ‘frozen Kinder Bueno’ has racked up a huge 2.3million views already.

One clip posted by couple Nicola and Stephen has reached a huge 2m views as they demonstrated how the sweet hack is done.

Simply, they placed the wafer and praline filled bar in the freezer for a couple of hours.

After waiting for it to chill, they unwrapped the chocolate from the plastic and took a bite.

Apparently, it tastes better cold…

Amazed by the hack, many people fled to the comments to express they wanted to give the tempting cold treat a go themselves.

One person commented: “Please I’m pregnant and it’s 10pm and now I can’t stop thinking about this.”

Another user added: “I get them from a vending machine at work and they’re so cold something they’re almost frozen. So good!”

While a third voiced: “The only way I eat them."

Someone else shared: “Been doing this for years, literally the only way I eat it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "Try frozen Maltesers, BEST THING EVER."

Seems like it is worth a try!


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