People in meltdown as two dogs seen hugging after meeting in the street

Everyone loves cute photos of dogs. However, one woman may have just taken the top spot of the cutest dog picture ever.

That's because Twitter user @WoodwardSumer took to the site to share an adorable photo of her pooch Henry making a new friend.

And fellow social media users were left in meltdown as the two dogs were seen hugging in the street.

The 24-year-old nurse shared the snap with her 1,738 Twitter followers.

However, the snap quickly reached a much larger audience, as it went viral – racking up more than 8,000 retweets and 113,000 likes.

People couldn't contain themselves by how adorable the photo was as many left a comment on the post.

One wrote: "I love the idea that they see us hug each other and copy our behaviour!"

While another added: "SOOOOOOOO adorable!!!"

A third chimed in: "So wholesome, I’m crying."

While a fourth added: "This just made my heart melt."

One social media even claimed to know the reason behind the hug.

He wrote: "My border collie 'hugs' other dogs like this too and it's so cute looking. Apparently though, they have scent glands on their chests & are marking so as to recognise each other next time…but yeh, awwww."

The photo also got many more people sending over photos of their dogs hugging other pooches too.

This wasn't the only dog story that has gone viral on Twitter this week though.

One lad took to the site to share snaps of his passport ripped to pieces after his dogs at been at it.

What's worse is that it was the day he was supposed to go on holiday too.

The Twitter user, known as @BoyleDerren, captioned the photos: "As if i go on holiday the day and my dugs ate ma passport [sic]."

One person replied: "I'm actually going to go home and hide mine right now lmao."

While another wrote: "Not laughing till I get my passport in Belfast."

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