People reveal embarrassing texts they've sent a co-worker by accident

Enough to get them fired! People reveal the VERY embarrassing texts they’ve sent to a colleague by accident – including a man who sexted his boss instead of his girlfriend

  • People from around the world have been sharing their cringiest messages  
  • Baller Cap rounded up embarrassing texts sent by their colleagues at work 
  • One employee sent boss a text about wanting to press his body close to theirs 
  • Another, who lives in the U.S, mistakenly texted stuck on toilet instead of tollway 

Sending a text message in a rush can have very embarrassing consequences when sent to the wrong person, as proven by these viral screenshots.

People from around the world have taken to social media to reveal the text messages they accidentally sent a work colleague, with the most awkward exchanges shared in a gallery on Baller Cap.

Among them is an employee, who mistakenly sexted his boss instead of his girlfriend, writing: ‘I can’t wait to press my body up against yours.’

Elsewhere, an American woman failed to notice she had written ‘stuck on the toilet’ instead of ‘tollway’ when texting her manager. 

Baller Cap has rounded up a selection of text exchanges from around the world that have gone viral on social media – including one man, from the US, who accidentally sent his boss a sexual message meant for his girlfriend

On the run! A woman, from America, failed to notice that she had written ‘toilet’ instead of ‘tollway’ when telling her boss why she will be late to work 

One employee mistakenly sent a screenshot of an exchange with his boss back to him and was told not to return to work 

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Another employee vented their dislike for a manager while in a group chat unaware that she was also receiving the messages 

Getting personal! An employee was left in hysterics after their boss accidentally asked if they wear thongs 

One woman, who lives in the U.S, said sorry to her manager after being told ‘selfies are stupid’ when she mistakenly sent a snap 

Another man, from the US, found himself apologising to his employer after referring to them as ‘baby’ in a text that should’ve been sent to his girlfriend 

Change of plan! A man who hoped to take four days off work alongside his co-workers was left having to explain his plans after accidentally texting his boss 

One woman, believed to be from the UK, sent a heartfelt message to her manager instead of a request for time off work to get her hair done 

An employee sent a series of crying emojis to their boss after autocorrect changed the meaning of a text suggesting they take a sick day 

Out of pocket! A barista was fired from their job at Starbucks with immediate affect after accidentally revealing they lied about being too sick to work

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