Photoshop whizz brilliantly trolls people who ask him to edit their photos by taking their requests way too literally

BRITISH designer James Fridman is famous for his hilarious Photoshop pranks and continues to troll people with his skills.

Based in the US, James receives thousands of messages every week from his 1.58million Twitter followers asking him to edit their pics – but he takes their requests VERY literally.

James shares his work on Twitter, where he posts his hilarious responses.

From a bloke who wanted his broom removed to a woman who was desperate to have shoes added to her bare feet.


James had a razor sharp response for each one.

Which one is your favourite?

As well as the lighthearted banter he has with fans, the graphic designer also takes his platform very seriously.

He often re-posts requests refusing to make changes – especially if the subject wants to edit their appearance to please others or because they have been mocked.

After a boy recently asked to change his chin because he gets teased, James posted an inspirational and life-affirming message in response.

He said: "Playful teasing can get rough, but most of the time it's not meant to hurt feelings.

"Changing your physical features is not a solution, try building emotional resilience by simply laughing it off.

"Don't take these comments seriously.

"Sometimes people hurt others because they are hurt themselves."


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