Professionals under most pressure to drink with colleagues revealed in new study

Doctors are the professionals who feel the most pressure to booze with workmates.

Researchers carried out nationwide polling to assess drinking cultures in the workplace.

They found 86% of doctors feel pressure to drink with colleagues, followed by railway workers at 82% and IT workers at 81%.

A third of workers said it would be a disadvantage at work if they didn’t drink, according to the poll.

It found 47% say they feel pressure to keep up with work boozing and 32% said there is a “culture of excessive drinking” in their workplace.

Said Fairbairns, of One Year, No Beer, said: “It goes without saying that the UK has a strong drinking culture.

“With that, peer pressure is equally strong and alive.

“It’s shocking the nation’s doctors, managers and workers in big business are feeling immense pressure to drink alcohol because of the company culture.”

The average Brit thinks about giving up alcohol 25 times a year, but only half have tried to quit, the poll of 2,000 found.

Four in 10 have felt they were out of control in relation to their drinking.

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