Quavo claims his shoe collection cost $3M

Quavo‘s shoes cost more than most rappers’ homes.

The “Walk It Talk It” singer, 28, appeared on the latest episode of Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” video series, where he proved that money is no object when it comes to his footwear.

The Migos member met the show’s host Joe La Puma at Atlanta’s A Ma Maniére, where he quickly dropped $11,000 on new additions to his closet.

But that bill is just a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of “Huncho Hall,” the BET Award winner’s nickname for his lavish wardrobe.

“The closet is crazy. I’ve got tons of jerseys from all the all-stars in the game, I’ve got tons of shoes,” he revealed. “Stupid drip, big drip, how much drip you got? I’ve probably got like three million in shoes.”

“One of my rarest pairs is the Yeezys, the Nike ones,” Quavo added, referring to the first sneakers Kanye West ever designed for the sportswear brand, which currently retail for upwards of $10,000.

And when you’re spending that much on a single style, what’s $11,000 for nine new pairs of kicks?

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