Real-life Rapunzel with 5ft long hair says strange lads ask for snaps with her

A real-life Rapunzel opened up about her 5ft 2in long hair which gets her a lot of attention on the streets.

Olga Naumova had little hair on her head as a child and her parents were concerned she'd go bald.

The model used a babushka to cover her unruly hair until one day her locks began to grow ceaselessly and densely.

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Now with hair so long, Olga is often stopped in the street by strangers wanting to take pictures of her long hair.

The lads even ask her boyfriend's permission to be able to snap photos of her locks.

Her great-grandma Barbara had beautiful long hair, as did her mum.

So it comes as no surprise to Olga who inherited the long hair genes.

Strangers burst into applause at the sight of her in the street, with some trying to resist the urge to stroke her hair.

She said: "I never thought about growing my hair on purpose, they just grew and I took them for granted.

"I didn't realise how long they were until people started complimenting me.

"People complimented me everywhere with some people even asking to touch my hair or take a picture of me."

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Olga was born to a family of teachers, her mum a philologist, while her dad worked as a chemical-biologist.

An ardent dancer, reader and artist, Olga completed her Bachelors in Economic Education.

She particularly remembers two incidents where peoples' reactions towards her hair were surprising.

The model detailed: "This one time when I was in Thailand, I was walking with my hair open and down.

"Suddenly a group of 10 people who I had just passed started clapping loudly."

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Another occasion was in the Maldives when a man approached her at breakfast to ask for a photo with her.

He did ask her boyfriend's permission but Olga was still shocked at the situation.

And her hair certainly doesn't go unnoticed by online fans who call her Rapunzel.

She maintains her hair by following a simple care routine and doesn't do anything special.

Olga credits her genes for her long hair.

She concluded: "My hair is nature's gift to me but of course I try to keep them in good condition.

"I use different kinds of masks and in addition to shampoo I use conditioner otherwise I won't be able to comb my hair.

"I also use special oils while combing my hair to give them a shine and to make them silky.

"I prefer braiding them into a tight braid as I find it the most convenient way to wear my hair."

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