Real-Life Thor Story: Here’s How Chris Hemsworth Grew His Million-Dollar Fortune

The most lovable actor from the Land Down Under, Chris Hemsworth, is admired by Hollywood. His charisma and humor trademark his style. Although today the mighty Thor is extremely popular, things were not always this smooth for Hemsworth. His start in the industry was low-key and marked by supporting roles, which led to more similar roles before he got his big break, making him one of Australia’s most famous actors. Apart from the rough beginning, the Marvel actor also struggled with mental health, nevertheless emerged victorious by overcoming his problems.

From acting roles, brand endorsements, and intelligent investments, Hemsworth has garnered a brilliant $150 million fortune. His famous roles in Marvel Universe and Men In Black have made him one of the highest-paid actors. So, let’s take a look at how our mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth, started his career and grew his multi-million dollar fortune.

Humble Beginnings

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Born in Melbourne, Australia, Chris grew up with two siblings. His older brother is named Luke, and his younger brother, Liam. Hemsworth only had two passions in life, acting, and surfing. He came from an average-earning family, where his father worked as a counselor and his mother was an English teacher, as stated by Now To Love. Hemsworth knew that he had to put his love for acting into motion to help his parents pay their home bills and live life carefreely.

After graduating high school, he bagged minor roles in Australian television shows for a few years. In 2007, he starred in Home And Away, where other famous Australians like Isla Fisher and Heath Ledger had already acted. After three seasons on the show, Hemsworth packed his bags and left for Hollywood.

According to Biography, the actor quickly landed a supporting role in J. J Abrams’ blockbuster Star Trek in 2009. Even though Chris landed a minor role in the movie as Captain Kirk’s father, it was more than enough to make studios notice his potential. Although, this attention was not enough. Hemsworth went through many rejections before earning the iconic role of hammer-wielding almighty Thor.

Coping With Strength to Stardom

Chris openly shared his struggles with anxiety and trying to find a place for himself in Hollywood. He stated that after his appearance on Star Trek, the actor did not succeed. He auditioned for roles and was constantly rejected for several parts. Sadly, this led Hemsworth to generate an anxiety disorder and shake his confidence in his commitment to acting.

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As mentioned by Project Casting, Hemsworth almost quit acting and moved back to Australia after all the negative space and lack of finding his inner self. One of his last auditions was for the Marvel movie Thor which Kenneth Branagh directed. Hemsworth was auditioning against Charlie Hunnam, Tom Hiddleston, and his brother Liam for the part. He landed the role of Thor, and his career skyrocketed.

It was around the same time that Hemsworth met his wife, Elsa Pataky, and the couple got married in an intimate ceremony. They have three kids, a daughter India and twin boys Tristan and Sasha. Hemsworth starred in a series of Marvel movies, including the Avengers series, which collectively grossed over $41 billion worldwide.

Acting And Fitness App

While keeping a foot into the superhero universe, Hemsworth managed to act in mysterious, action-packed, and even comedy roles. He was seen in Ghostbusters, Men In Black: International, Rush, Bad Times At El Royale, and Extraction.

After his successful stint with Marvel, the actor has been paid upwards of $15 million-plus back-end royalties for his role as the God Of Thunder, as noted by Forbes. Hemsworth also has endorsement deals with Tag Heuer and Hugo Boss, which earned him millions for being their brand ambassador.

Additionally, Chris also launched a fitness app called Centr for home workouts and fitness videos. He handpicked his trainers into post-workout videos on the application to stay in shape and improve their lifestyles. A true philanthropist at heart, Hemsworth is also known for his million-dollar charitable donations to several global platforms, which earned a position in Queen’s Birthday Honor List.

From a struggling actor to a mega-successful movie star, Chris Hemsworth’s charisma and acting chops have earned him great success since Thor. The actor is set to star in an upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic, and the fourth installment of Thor called Thor: Love And Thunder, which will hit the theatres in May 2022.

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