‘Saturday Night Live’ QAnon Witch Is Wondering Where The Kids Are

Kate McKinnon played a curious witch (posing as an office worker) on the trail of QAnon’s wacked-out nightmares on “Weekend Update.”

She couldn’t be bothered with the politics, but was interested in morsels of information about the children who figure in QAnon’s conspiracy theories.

“QAnon says there is an underground ring of very bad people, and they gather to undermine Trump and to steal elections and to eat children. I hear that and I’m like, “Whoah. Where?’” she told Colin Jost in an unrecognizable accent.

“This underground cabal, what’s the deal? Who’s part of it? How do you get an invite? Is it reservations or is it open table? Are there enough children to go around? … Are there dipping sauces?”

She finally had to admit: “I’m starting to get worried it isn’t real. The things that keep not happening. I’m … starting to  feel that maybe the whole thing is cuckoo bananas.”

Check it out in the video up top.



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