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THEY say that we are what we eat (and hopefully) that extends to what we drink too.

For anyone looking for that youthful visage and effortless glow, Feel is the drink supplement that should be on your radar.

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It's no secret that collagen is one of the top super-ingredients to enhance any beauty regime.

Feel’s vegan Pro Collagen mix is designed to visibly transform the overall appearance of your skin in 28 days.

For a limited time Feel is offering Sun Readers 25% off the Feel Pro Collagen with the discount code: GLOW25.

Normally £56.43 for a 30 servings tub, with the discount you'll be able to try it for £42.33.

Unlike other supplements, Feel comes in a delicious strawberry-peach flavoured powder that is ideal for adding to your morning smoothie or juice, or just simply mixing with water.

With just a few sips daily, the supplement claims to help provide anti-wrinkle support, improved skin elasticity and support increased nail and hair growth.

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Feel Pro Collagen's revolutionary formula

The Feel Pro Collagen is a one-of-a-kind formula that contains VeCollal.

VeCollal is a non-GMO, tried and tested vegan collagen alternative that replicates the amino acid profile of human type 1 collagen.

This is of course free-from any preservatives or nasties.

VeCollal is also a far more sustainable source of collagen compared to animal or marine sources, as it has a lower carbon footprint and is allergen-free.

Other superior ingredients make up the unique blend, which also features added botanicals and vitamin C to support collagen production and calcium to protect and retain skin's moisture.

Feel Pro Collagen results

Feel is shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 28 days, based on results of a clinical study by VeCollal.

Eighty per cent of participants saw a significant improvement in skin elasticity, hydration and suppleness, the makers claim.

Feel Pro Collagen also has a legion of satisfied customers who have shared their results online.

One online reviewer said: "I've had so many comments on how good my skin looks! My hair feels softer, and my nails stronger. I feel I have more energy, I couldn't start my day without it."

Another added: "Only been using it for 2 months and can see a difference in the plumpness of my skin! Tastes lovely too."

While another happy customer quipped: "I’ve been using Feel PRO Collagen for 2 months now and I can already see a difference in the smoothness and general health of my skin. I also love the taste, it’s super easy to drink every morning. I’ve recommended it to friends!"

Give Feel Pro Collagen a try yourself, and save 25% off using the GLOW25 code at checkout.

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