Save on money and on waste with these offers and lifestyle hacks

What if you could save money and reduce your impact on the environment?

We’re about to tell you it’s perfectly possible, and even surprisingly easy.

From renting clothes to reusing old packaging, many eco-friendly hacks are also kind on your purse.

And they can save your dinner as well — as we’ve got a way to make sure you never have to throw out your favourite fresh herbs again.

Plus discover day out deals and a shopping tip for back to school shoes.

Hire a dress for less

Weddings are back, and many of us have nearly two years of cancelled ceremonies to attend so our calendars are fully booked.

But few of us like to wear the same dress to function after function and that can be pricey.

The good news is that you can look stylish on a shoestring and hire your outfit for a fraction of the cost with ByRotation, Girl Meets Dress and My Wardrobe HQ.

Herb hack

Basil is an essential herb in Italian food. The fragrant, sweet smell and peppery taste adds a kick of flavour to pesto, tomato-based pasta sauces, vinegars and salads. Basically, it’s delicious.

However, if you buy fresh basil for making a specific dish, chances are that you won’t finish it all at once.

Due to its high water content, this herb doesn’t last very long and before you can whip up your next culinary creation, the leaves will have gone limp and black.⁣

But there’s a way to make it last a bit longer — just treat basil like you would a bouquet of flowers.

Trim the cut ends, put the bunch in a glass or jar and cover the lot with a sandwich bag.

Then, just leave it on the counter at room temperature and you’ll have vibrant green basil for up to a week. Buon appetito!

Spice up your life by spending less

If you know where to look, you can often bag better bargains at the supermarket simply by looking in the other aisles.

The world food aisle, for instance, comes up trumps in terms of cooking sauces, spices and dried herbs which are often massively cheaper gram for gram than essentially the same product just because it’s in different packaging and sold in another part of the shop.

A quick look in Tesco, for instance, showed that a 37g bottle of Ground Tumeric from Schwartz cost £1.60. But a quick look in the World Foods section and a 300g pouch is just £2.25, a savings of 81%.

In some cases, you get a bigger product at a cheaper price, so switching can be a no-brainer.

And crunching the numbers is easier than you’d think as in most supermarkets, food will be clearly priced by weight or volume to make it easier for consumers to compare products and spot the best deals.

Hide money in plain sight

If you have yet to find a bikini with pockets, taking your purse on a day at the beach can be a nightmare. If you want to have cash to hand but leave the wallet at home, hide some notes in plain sight with a tube of lip balm.

It’s easy to do, just wind the stick all the way up so that you can remove the contents.

You could always put this into another small, empty pot if you don’t want it to go to waste. Then give it a good wipe out with a cotton bud. Grab your cash, fold and roll the banknote and pop it in.

Now you can focus on having fun with the kids in the surf rather than worrying about your stuff getting stolen!⁣

Reuse and repurpose

Are you worried about the excessive Amazon packaging that has been coming through your door over the last year?

Here is a way to soften the blow: rather than popping the brown packing paper in the recycling, save it and reuse it to wrap your gifts to ease your conscience, and your bank balance.

Add some colourful twine and a gift label and you are all sorted for the hols for a good few years.

Get year-round ticket to days out

According to Day Out In England, if you visit an attraction this summer, it may be possible to upgrade your ticket, for free, to a year’s pass.

This means for the price of one visit you could go as much as you liked over the year.

The website highlights Windsor Castle and Historic Dockyard Chatham as examples so it can’t hurt to ask.

School shoes on a shoestring

Marketing geniuses have led us to believe that we need to shell out an arm and a leg on school shoes to be good parents, but those costs soon add up. To make matters worse, it’s only going to get more expensive as your little one moves in to larger sizes and the VAT kicks in.

The good news is that Clarks sell a Shoe Measuring Gauge for £12, which means that you can check your child’s shoe size without having to go in store.

What’s more, because you’re able to do an impromptu measure at home you can make the most of the Clarks online outlet and buy your kid’s footwear for a fraction of the cost, saving up to 50% a pop.

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