‘Security guards follow me whenever I go shopping because I’m a Traveller’

A Romani Traveller has revealed the shocking treatment she receives whenever she goes out shopping by security guards who keep a constant eye on her.

Danielle Jo Lee said she has been left frustrated and upset by the way people around her stereotype the Traveller culture.

In a satirical clip posted to TikTok, she pokes fun at some of the comments about their "shoplifting habits".

She wrote in the overlay text: "The security guard in every shop as soon as I walk in."

Danielle pokes her head from behind a toilet door, above the sink, and stares into the camera.

While viewers found it hilarious to watch, Danielle told Daily Star that it happens every day.

She told the site: "When I go shopping I’m always getting followed by the security guards.

"Once I was shopping in a supermarket and I heard the shop worker on his headset saying to the other worker: 'They’re gypsies, keep an eye out' and it really upset me.

"I ended up putting my basket down and leaving because even though I make videos on TikTok about gypsies stealing it’s only a joke.

Danielle added the treatment left her suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.

"If I were to try and steal, I'd have a panic attack," she said. "I’ve never stolen anything."

She also hit back at negative comments about Travellers donating "stolen toys" to charities.

Danielle gave examples of the Lister family, a Romany gypsy group, donating fresh fruits to NHS workers during the pandemic.

"For people that say gypsies or Travellers don't do anything to the community, they don't see the good side of us that do to the people," she added.

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