See Photos from the Record-Setting Winter Storm Uri: Its Impact on Texas, Chicago and More


Over President’s Day weekend, Winter Storm Uri hit huge swaths of the country, causing damaging ice in the northwest and dumping snow across the midwest and northeast.

Most affected by the storm is Texas, where millions of people are living without electricity, water and heat after the winter storm tore through the state.

The resulting power outages have left families in the dark for days, battling freezing temperatures without access to electricity, heat and in some cases, clean water, as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas works to restore power back to at least 668,332 affected customers, according to Oncor, the largest energy delivery company in Texas. 

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A newspaper with the headline ‘Freeze Grips N. Texas’ is seen buried in snow in McKinney, Texas on Feb. 16. 

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A man tends a fire he used for heat and cooking at a homeless camp in Austin, Texas after the extreme cold snap. 

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The Austin American-Statesman posted a video to Instagram showing lines wrapped around the block to get into a grocery store. Many stores are closed or can’t restock due to dangerous road conditions, causing some to face food shortages.

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People wait to get propane tanks filled outside Dallas, Texas on Feb. 17. 

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A person walks a dog on snow-covered streets in McKinney, Texas, on Feb. 16.

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Ivan Gonzales (left) and his brother-in-law Gabriel Martinez assist a motorist by using a carpet to help them up a hill in Austin, Texas. 

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A nearly empty Interstate 30 can be seen on Feb. 15 in Fort Worth, Texas. 

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A pedestrian walks through the snow in McKinney, Texas on Tuesday. 

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A truck plows the parking lot at Dickies Arena on Feb. 16 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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A large trailer truck is seen flipped sideways on Highway 59 in Pierce, Texas after the winter storm left roads in dangerous condition. 

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Icicles cling to a home in McKinney, Texas on Feb. 16. 

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People work together to push a car out of the snow in Austin, Texas on Feb. 17. 

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Ice clings to the branches of a bush in downtown Houston, Texas on Feb. 15. 

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A snowman holds a bottle of wine in celebration of Mardi Gras on Feb. 16 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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A person walks their dog through the snow-covered streets in McKinney, Texas. 

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Karla Perez and Esperanza Gonzalez warm up by a barbecue grill during power outage in Houston, Texas.

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Sam Patel (left) and Mike Bollin (right) clear snow from the front of the SureStay Plus Hotel. The hotel, located in Benbrook, Texas,  is completely full with guests that have no power at home. 

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Chicago may be used to snowfall, but winter storm Uri impacted them as well. Lake-effect snow dumped more than 17 inches in some areas of the city. 

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Orlando Flores — who recently moved to Chicago from Texas — digs out his wife’s car in Chicago, Illinois. 

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A pedestrian navigates a snow-covered sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois on Feb. 16. 

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In Athens County, Ohio, a parking meter is frozen over with ice. 

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A drone takes a photo of a snow-covered neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. 

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