Self-proclaimed ‘world’s hottest gran’ shares fitness secrets behind pert bum

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Gina Stewart – known online as the 'world's hottest gran' – has shared the secrets behind her age-defying booty.

The 51-year-old from Queensland in north east Australia took to her Instagram page to spill how she maintains such a youthful rear.

Gina, who boasts 312,000 followers, told fans she's created a health Instagram page – @ginastewarthealth – in her free time to share all her health, beauty and fitness tips.

And she said that her 'booty building workout' is definitely not one they want to miss.

Gina accompanied the caption with photos of her smooth and pert behind as she posed in just a white crop top.

She also flashed her sideboob in the flimsy top as she posed without a bra.

Gina matched her flesh-flashing display with immaculate and glowing makeup, which included fluttery eyelashes and a pink lip.

Meanwhile, her blond locks were left loose and flowing down her back.

Those who head on offer to Gina's health page can check out the full details of her booty workout, which she shared alongside more sexy snaps of herself.

She wrote: "The gluteal muscles that make up the buttocks are some of the largest and most powerful muscles in your body.

"However, frequent periods of extended sitting and disuse can cause muscle atrophy, which leads to an unfortunate saggy-butt look.

"Regular exercise strengthens muscles and combats muscle atrophy."

Gina shared the exercises she uses to make sure she keeps her bum in prime shape, which included deadlifts, swimmers, lateral lunges and dumbbell step ups.

People seemed to be loving her tips, judging by the comments.

One fan exclaimed: "It obviously worked for Gina although I can't believe you didn't have a gorgeous body and unbelievable looks to start with."

While another gushed: "How do you manage to look so stunning every day? When I look at you, I become speechless."

A third cheeky follower quipped: "I love your gluteus Maximus."

The post comes after Gina wowed fans by showing off her age-defying rear in a thong last week.

Now we know how she does it!

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