Sex, drugs and rare pooches: How casino hosts lure in big gamblers

You’d think it would be simple to drop millions of dollars at a casino.

But extracting that kind of dough tends to require a delicate dance between casino, player and host: the person charged with luring gamblers to bet big and lose big. It can involve private jets, exotic hotel suites, bottles of Cristal, Cuban cigars and pretty much anything the gambler wants. It’s a perfect environment for squeezing out the massive losses that keep casino chandeliers burning.

Last month, the Daily Mail reported that Hollywood mogul Ron Meyer dropped an estimated $100 million partly with the assistance of an Atlantic City casino VP who served as his host. Once Meyer exhausted his AC credit — allegedly, between $5 million and $7 million per trip — the VP helicoptered him to Connecticut where he was set up to borrow an additional $3 to $5 million for casino play there.

Indeed, Meyer — who recently left his position as the Vice Chairman of NBC Universal after admitting to an affair with actress Charlotte Kirke — seems most interested in just getting access to the money.

“Most whales expect the world. If they lose they want more; if they win, they still want a lot,” one host who has handled Meyer told The Post. “Ron is my nicest whale. He would bet $30,000 or $40,000 on a roll [at the craps table] and eat ham and eggs for breakfast. Win or lose, he was the same guy.”

Meyer’s story has put a spotlight on the world of “whales” — casino speak for the highest-stakes gamblers — and just how far hosts will go to keep them happy.


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