Shoe box laptop hack hailed as ‘genius’ so you can work outside during the heatwave

It’s getting hot, hot, hot in the UK and with spells of high temperatures that are – hopefully – here to stay, more of us are finding ways to incorporate the sunny temperatures into our days.

A TikTok user took this one step further and found a way to work from home outside but without the nasty glare of the sunlight on the screen.

Laptops often come with sensors that will check the ambient light in a room. If the light changes, or the sensors thinks it's changed, it will adjust the brightness of the screen to suit the level of light.

This feature is called adaptive brightness and it may be responsible for the screen dimming or brightening.

This can be a frustrating feature when trying to work from outside but being unable to see the screen as it's too dim.

A woman who goes by the usernameClauds244shared her very simple hack.

The video, which has so far received over 30,000 likes, 231 comments and 3,390 reshares, shows her simply put a shoe box behind her laptop, using the box's top part as an umbrella for the screen.

Viewers flocked to the comment section to thank her for the ingenious idea.

One said: “Thank you for sharing this. I always knew there was a reason I kept my shoe boxes.”

Another added: “Omg babe I’ve been trying to figure out how to get shade using tea tales and chairs saved me xxx”

While a third said: “You've just rescued me this summer.”

As the heat looks like its here to stay, experts shared theirtop tips on how to sleep in a heatwave.

James Higgins, sleep specialist and CEO of Ethical Bedding shares his hacks on how to sleep better during hot weather and which fabrics are best for sleeping during a heatwave.

He suggests keeping your room dark throughout the day: “Use heavy curtains to block any lights from windows during the day.

“Heat transfers through the windows and can build up during the day, so it’s a good idea to keep the curtains/blind down”.

"This will help control the temperature of your room between 15.6 to 19.4C.”

He adds that most doctors recommend this as the best temperature for sleeping.

Ensuring that you’re sleeping on the right materials are key with hypoallergenic surfaces such as eucalyptus, bamboo or silk bedding recommended.

“Bed sheets made with eucalyptus wood, bamboo or silk are all very breathable fabrics, whereas cotton tends to retain moisture and heat. When you become too hot, it can disturb your sleeping patterns and make you feel drowsy, so it’s important to pick a fabric which is body regulating” says James.


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