Shoppers are calling this eco-friendly water bottle 'the best'

Over 45,000 Amazon shoppers are calling this eco-friendly water bottle ‘the best’ – and it’s under £10

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We all know the health benefits of staying hydrated, but it can be easy to forget about it without a visual reminder.

If you’re on the lookout for a flask that is leakproof, long-lasting and lightweight, you may be interested to hear that almost 50,000 Amazon shoppers claim to have found one that combines all the elements in the 720 DGREE water bottle.

And it even has a fruit infuser component, so you can flavour your water with something extra delicious like strawberry, mango or cucumber.

The 720 DGREE water bottle has become a popular choice for shoppers looking for a leak-proof and robust reusable water bottle

This gives a great incentive to children to drink more water at school or while doing activities and weighing just 135g; it fits easily in any school bag or handbag.

Made from Tritan, it’s BPA-free and environmentally friendly, and the water bottle is also super durable, robust and will withstand shocks caused by dropping bags or accidentally knocking it over.

Since it’s available in 39 different colours, from light grey to flamingo pink, you can choose a shade that you’ll easily spot in your desk or bag, so you remember to take a sip.

‘With this, I remember to drink three litres of water a day,’ wrote one contented customer. ‘I have the 1.5-litre bottle and fill it up twice.’

With a near-perfect rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, shoppers love the durability, premium feel and high-quality finish.

One reviewer who gave it five stars wrote: ‘I’ve had it for a year and a half, and it’s still going strong. The little closer button continues to work almost perfectly despite me fiddling with it constantly. I am very impressed because I break things constantly by fiddling with them until they wear out, but this still going strong!’

There are five sizes to select from, from 350ml up to 1500ml to ensure you stay hydrated all day long

Another added: ‘Over the last few years, I have tried so many different water bottles only to find they leak, break the first time I use them or just have a short life. I bought this bottle about two months ago now, use it every day, and it doesn’t leak at all, I even filled it and dropped it on the floor by accident, and it didn’t break.’

If you’ve tried metal bottles before and not been impressed by how well the cap stays on, causing a puddle in your bag, the 720 DGREE bottle has a one-click cap that locks tight to prevent leakage.

Press the button to take a sip on the go, and then once you hear it click shut, no other liquid will get out.

Since it’s available in 39 different colours, from light grey to flamingo pink, you can choose a shade that you’ll easily spot in your desk or bag, so you remember to take a sip

Another key factor is that the 720 DGREE water bottle doesn’t start to smell after prolonged use, unlike some plastic bottles.

And you can choose your size depending on the demands of your day, with sizes ranging from 350ml to 1.5 litres.

The 500ml flask, which is the same size as a small bottle of mineral water, costs just £11, so you only need to use it for a fortnight, and you’ll have saved money on buying mineral water each day.

One eco-aware customer said: ‘I’ve bought two so I can use them on alternate days, and I’ve saved money and feel like I’ve making a better choice than purchasing small plastic bottles that end up in the oceans.’

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