Shoppers are loving ‘cosy’ Oodie wearable blankets – save £30 off

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With temperatures dropping, staying warm and cosy at home is vital, but it doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank on heating bills, many are opting for methods of keeping themselves warm, rather than heating the entire house, which the Oodie is ideal for.

Oodie Blanket

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The Oodie blankets are ideal for keeping cosy and they come in many different designs, perfect for a treat for yourself or gift for a friend.

Australian brand Oodie has recently taken the world by storm with its cosy, comfortable blankets that are perfect for cold weather.

There is plenty of choice in terms of designs, so shoppers can choose from the plain coloured options, or opt for fun cartoon and tv show inspired patterns, like the Avocado Oodie, which is one of the most popular options, and with the £30 off, is currently £59.

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