'Southern Charm': Are the Cast Members Happy Thomas Ravenel is Gone?

Southern Charm is officially deep into its sixth season on Bravo, and it’s well on its way to being a wild ride already. Part of the reason for this is because of Thomas Ravenel. As a result of the various assault allegations against him, he was dropped from the television show, but the specter of his actions still haunts the crew — especially his ex, Kathryn Dennis. The two have been duking it out in a nasty custody battle that’s seen rumors and accusations bouncing around the courtroom.

Now that Ravenel himself is gone from the show, many fans have been wondering how the rest of the Southern Charm cast feel about his absence.

The sexual assault allegations that lead to his removal

Thomas Ravenel has been accused twice in sexual assault scandals, one of which is still ongoing in the courthouse. In 2016, Ravenel was accused of sexual assault by Debbie Holloway Perkins, who he met via Tinder.

After picking up Perkins, Ravenel took her back to his house, where he gave her a tour. He then proceeded to show her to the nanny room, where he then forced himself upon her. This wasn’t the last time Ravenel was going to be accused of assault.

Dawn Ledwell, Ravenel’s former nanny, came out against him with additional accusations. Ledwell alleged that Ravenel, “approached [her] without any hesitation and attempted to kiss [her].” Ledwell proceeded to say, “It escalated from there where he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Although it wasn’t penile penetration, what he did do was identified by the law as first-degree forcible rape.”

In a conversation with People, Dawn said,, “I turned around and he had his pants dropped, not wearing underwear … He was blocking the door. I was mortified, embarrassed, and scared.”

Thankfully, these allegations pushed Bravo to drop Ravenel from the show.

Changing opinions about Kathryn

For the show’s resident grande dame, Patricia Altschul, the allegations against Thomas Ravenel have been eye-opening. As Ravenel has struggled to deal with these accusations, Kathryn Dennis has gone to rehab and returned to South Carolina sober, and ready to duke it out for full custody of her children.

“She went to rehab, she got her life back in order, she’s passed every drug test. She has been like a different person, and I think it’s just a great redemption story. She inspired me, I was actually very impressed,” said Patricia Altschul in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Altschul expanded on this via Twitter, where she made it clear that she no longer supports Ravenel. “And people wonder if we are still their allies……we blocked #AshleyJacobs and #ThomasRavenel from all social media and from our lives,” tweeted Altschul.

Uncertain about the new season

However, losing Thomas Ravenel definitely changes the dynamic of the show, and some cast members weren’t sure what the season might look like without him. Shep Rose told Decider that everyone was feeling pensive, “Honestly we were all sort of, I wouldn’t say nervous, but pensive about how the season was gonna go. Like it or not or even if we were cognizant of it or not, we leaned on Thomas,” explained Rose. “He’s a larger than life personality. So it was like, who’s gonna pick up the slack? Everybody’s looking around like, ‘You do it,’ ‘No you do it.’”

Cameran Eubanks, meanwhile, hasn’t had too much to say about Ravenel’s absence, merely adding, “I just hope we’re not all subpoenaed to have to go and talk about all this sh*t.”

Craig Conover told Decider, “Well yeah, because we lost our lightning rod, or a lightning rod. The electricity had to find a different path so it was a little different. Because you always had something to talk about that he had done and now you had to look in the mirror a little more, you didn’t have the scapegoat.”

Meanwhile, Altschul claims that this will be the best season yet. “A lot of people on social media said, ‘Oh no, Thomas got fired, it’s not gonna be the same, there’s not gonna be any drama, there’s no conflict,’ but I think it’s the best season.”

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