‘Spirit scratched cross into my pal’s back during ghost hunt – I was terrified’

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With Halloween taking place this weekend, many people will be spooking out their loved ones with scary outfits, pranks and tales.

However, ghosts, spirits and haunted houses are an everyday occurrence for paranormal explorer Jade.

The blonde beauty, who was originally born in Scotland, but now lives in the US, has been ghost hunting for two years since starting her online Ghost Club.

However, in an exclusive interview with Daily Star, she revealed that even she became freaked out and changed her view on the spirit world after a spine-chilling experience recently.

During her last investigation, Jade said she that she and some friends visited an abandoned church in Los Angeles.

Even before she got there, Jade said she'd heard spooky tales of the place, which is why she wanted to investigate.

"The people who lived there were having dreams about the place and that there was a woman there," she said.

"They were getting messages in dreams from loved ones who'd passed away saying 'Do not go in there'."

Jade said that things instantly took a frightening turn as she entered the church.

"I had a camera man that I bring to my investigations, she explained.

"He's a bit of a sceptic. But we weren't even in there five minutes after having a walk around and he told me 'Jade, my back is killing me', as he asked if I could check it.

"We pulled up his shirt and he had one huge scratch down his back – it was so deep and red.

"We had cameras pointing everywhere and he was holding a huge rig with both hands, so there was no way he would have been able to do it himself."

Jade said she asked him if he wanted to continue, and he said he would.

However, the disturbing occurrences didn't end there.

"We went into the priest's house, maybe for two minutes top and he tells me 'My back is still burning'.

"I lifted his top and he had three more scratches – one of them resembled a cross, like a crucifix.

"He started to get really affected – he didn't look like himself, started to get sick and was zoning out.

"I had to get him out of there as I thought if we stayed longer, it could lead to a possession."

Despite the cameraman leaving, Jade and some of her other friends decided to carry on.

This is when she had her own spooky experience there.

"We went into the church basement and I felt so uneasy," she said.

"I was using a spirit portal and heard this woman say 'light'.

"The light on my camera then turned off and as I turned around, I saw a woman in between my two friends who was staring right at me.

"I triple checked to make sure I was seeing it correctly.

"Then my light came on on my camera and she was gone.

"I had to get out of there. She was even was popping up in my dreams a few days after.

"Weird things were going on in my house after that too. There was an evil-looking face in my mirror, it freaked me out."

Jade admits the experience changed her entire belief of the paranormal.

She said: "You think you're invincible when you go on these investigations as you protect yourself, but that was one of those situations where I though 'Am I qualified to do this? Do I really know what I'm messing with?'.

"I do believe that there are darker entities out there for sure."

Asked how she protects herself from these dark entities, Jade said she has a system she uses.

"I speak out loud talk to spirits and explain who I am and what I'm doing there," she explains.

"When I leave I thank them and I tell them to stay there and that they can't come back with me. It seems to work."

Jade also says she believes her grandad who died when she was aged 11 is protecting her.

She says: "I recently had a medium session and he came through.

"The medium was telling me things only he would know so it was really intense.

"She ended it by saying that he's with me on every investigation I go on, is proud of what I'm doing and that he's protecting me."

After the medium session, Jade said that she would see a white feather before every investigation she did.

She says: "I've always connected white feathers with my grandad as I see one every time I speak about him.

"To me, that was him confirming that he is protecting me as he knew I might have had doubts.

"It keeps me going to know that I have that support."

When it comes to Halloween, Jade says she'll be staying away from investigating and is having a nice cosy night in instead.

"I've just moved into my first house so I have a proper yard for the first time," she says.

"I've decorated it all and am going to watch scary movies and handing out candy to the kids on my street."

Sounds a lot more restful than the haunted church, that's for sure!

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