Splash into summer with this pool workout

In the heat of summer, while you could sweat it out for a workout, there’s a more refreshing place to get the same results: The swimming pool.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that yields high results. It can be done for endurance or high-intensity interval, aka HIIT, training, and it’s cool — literally.

We asked Equinox group fitness instructor and manager Cece Marizu to share her go-to pool workout.

Marizu teaches Equinox’s signature water workout, EQX H2O, at the gym’s New York City locations.

Read the workout details below and watch Marizu demonstrate the workout in the video above.

H2O Speed: Time to Flip Out

Workout focus: This workout it all about learning how to pick up your speed in the pool. It’s a definite cardiovascular workout that you can relate to HIIT training on your traditional fitness floor.

The workout

1. 4 x 25 flip (on the wall) at 30-40-second interval (2 minutes): You will perform four laps with a flip or somersault at each wall. Make sure to rest at the wall before pushing off again.

2. 4 x 50 descend in pairs, 60-second interval (4 minutes): After the four laps are complete, go into two laps without stopping. Rest after the second lap. Repeat that three more times, but always make the second 50 is your fast one.

3. 2 x 25 Flip (on wall) 40 seconds interval (1:20 minutes): Go back to a single lap and perform it twice with the flipturn or somersault on the wall.

4. 2 x 50 fastest of the day at 60 seconds (2 minutes): You finish this workout up with two laps (down and back) as fast as you can go, twice. Rest before you perform the second. This should get your heart rate to spike up!

5. Easy 50 (1 minute): Finish with an easy swim down and back.

H2O Power

Jump out of the water for this as many rounds as possible aka AMRAP workout.

You’ll work through two five-minute rounds.

Round 1: 10 squats on the pool deck or squat hops in the water, a 25-sprint swim, and 10 up-and-outs on the side of the pool.

Repeat, aiming for at least five rounds in five minutes.

Round 2: 50 sprint swim, 25 tombstone kicks — hold a kickboard vertically in front of you, with arms extended as you kick — 25 kicks with the board.

Repeat for five minutes.

3 moves to do when you’re hanging out in the pool

1. Skipping in the water — always good to use the force of the water to create low impact work.

2. Treading and skulling.

3. Vertical kicking in the deep end.

Editor’s note: This story was originally published June 26, 2018.

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