Spoilers: Joyride horror and a sad farewell in Neighbours

Have those hankies at the ready, it’s an emotional week ahead for the Neighbours lot with heartbreaking goodbyes, stolen kisses, and fears for one Ramsay Street resident’s life.

There is music to be faced by the Brennans when the reality of their mum’s condition sinks in, so one of them decides to leave for good to take care of her. It means saying goodbye to one of our favourites, we’re not ready for this!

Elsewhere, Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) is in for even more hurt when Ned (Ben Hall) falls face first into the trap laid for him by Scarlett (Christie Wheelan Browne). Can anyone stop her?

Sheila (Colette Mann) is in for an emotional ride when she tries to win back her man and ends up with an unexpected kiss. But what does it mean?

And there’s horror in store for Harlow (Jemma Donovan) and Hendrix (Benny Turland) when a joyride goes terribly wrong leaving the life of one hanging in the balance.

Here’s what’s coming up on Neighbours…

1. Mark and Elly’s heartbreaking goodbye

Mark and Aaron arrive home from Fay’s with a weight hanging over them. Aaron reveals he has news for David and it seems like he’s about to tell his husband that they have to leave the street to take up Fay’s care, but there’s someone else about to say their goodbyes instead – Mark. Mark tells his brother he’s too emotional to say his farewells face to face because although he wants to help his mum he’s devastated to leave. But Aaron knows this is wrong, he owes his friends the chance to see him off. They set up a compromise and he records his goodbyes on video for his neighbours to watch. But when Elly receives her message she’s distraught, she’s not ready to let him go. Can she reach Mark in time to stop him?

2. Horror for Hendrix and Harlow in car crash

Hendrix’s behaviour is getting worse and Pierce is running out of ways to try and parent him. Susan offers him advice, and later he sits down with Gary and Toadie, two former bad boys who reformed who have plenty of advice on how to handle the situation. Pierce makes headway when he and Hendrix bond over his wine business, but he unwittingly triggers a devastating series of events when he ditches his son for Chloe. Hendrix steals his dad’s car for a joyride but loses control, crashing into the event at Lassiters. He’s not badly hurt but Roxy has a devastating realisation – Harlow is trapped beneath the wreckage!

3. Ned falls into Scarlett’s trap

After an ‘attack’ on number 22, Scarlett becomes the damsel in distress and Ned fills the role of her hero, planning to track down Scarlett’s ex and sort him out. Terese tries to warn him to calm down and leave it alone, but Scarlett overhears and realises she needs to up her game. Later, she is spotted sneaking out to pay a henchman for throwing the brick through her window – the attack was of course entirely set up. Ned almost catches her, but she spins a yarn to get away with it. Later, the pair are talking about the events with Ned praising her for being brave. Sparks fly and she leans in. And while Ned initially pulls away, he quickly goes back for seconds. Has Scarlett got what she wants?

4. Sheila’s shock kiss

David is overjoyed when he learns he is in the running to present Finn’s study. He invites Clive and new girlfriend Beverly over for dinner to celebrate. Sheila hears about this and plots the chance to spy on them, trying to rope Aaron in. Of course it goes completely belly up and she gets discovered, much to Clive’s utter fury. Disgusted, he marches her home, berating her for her behaviour. But as they argue and the tension rises, she’s left utterly aghast when he suddenly kisses her. Are they about to get back together?

5. Love at long last for Elly?

Sparks are flying between Elly and Shaun, particularly when he helps her clear up after the school dance. She tells Aaron and David about it, not wanting to upset Mark and confused herself about what it means. The couple assure her that Mark is fine and tell her she should follow her heart. So when she and Shaun are next alone she goes for it! Is there a new couple on the cards?

6. Shane fears for Mackenzie

Shane is worried about Mackenzie after Grant broke her heart at the dance. Dipi and Toadie reassure him she’s doing ok, but he’s still beside himself. Grant clearly isn’t cut out for this and Shane has been her main support. There’s no way she could have got through it without him. This doesn’t buoy him much though, still devastated that she won’t let him in. Toadie is worried for his brother, he still has the weight of the world on his shoulder for what he did all those years ago. Can Mackenzie ever forgive?

Scenes air from Monday 14th October at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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