Squid Game VIPs Discuss Season 2, Fan Theories — and THAT Cartoonish Dialogue (Exclusive)

“We were like clowns essentially… malevolent clowns.”

While Korean-speakers were laughing at the clunky English subtitles — English-speakers were doing the same whenever the VIPs were on screen

But according to the actors who played them, the cartoonish bad guys were exactly the way Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk wanted them.

For Daniel Kennedy, who played oxen-masked VIP 2, his first hint came when he realized just how stupid his character was, upon seeing that sadistic glass bridge for the first time.

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“It started with the quote, my character talks about, he sees the model, the glass bridge model, and then they show the real one, and my line was ‘wow, it’s bigger.'”

“And I was like, ‘that seems like a mistranslation… maybe he means “I can’t believe how big it is”.”

“But they were like no, no no: you’re actually surprised that the real bridge is actually bigger than the model.”

“That was the part where for me it clicked: Oh he wants comedic. He wants humor. So I just treated it more like a trust-fund, douchebag, ready for just treating human misery and death almost like a cartoon.”

“We were like clowns essentially… malevolent clowns.”

While Kennedy claims to know nothing about a potential season 2, he said he was “almost certain” a sequel will be made, “because of the numbers… it would be kind of silly if they didn’t.”

He pointed to a deleted scene, in which the VIPs discuss who bet on which competitor, after which VIP 2 says “I can’t wait for next year.”

“So it felt like a very clear to attempt to lead into season 2,” he said. “So I’m pretty sure they’re going to do one; whether they’ll bring us back or not, I don’t know. But, you know of course, fingers crossed.”

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Kennedy added he would love to see the VIPs thrust into some life or death games themselves for the follow up.

Like the mysterious on-screen characters themselves, the actors weren’t provided a lot of information behind the scenes either on the wealthy sadists they would be playing.

All he knew was that he was acquainted with the lion-masked VIP 1 back in the real world — and that he was not acquainted with the multi-69-joke-making VIP 4.

Musing over why the show was so successful, he said it harkened back to Gladiatorial times, laughing as he agreed with the theory that the sick VIPs actually represent the Netflix audience, enjoying the gore.

As for the man behind the lion mask, VIP 1 John Michaels, he was even more tightlipped about a potential second season.

“First of all, I hope there’s a season 2 — whether I’m in it or not,” he said. “‘Cause I wanna see more, ’cause it was so good.”

“It was so good. But yes, certainly, obviously I would love to be in it if they do it again, but I am not in the loop so I have no idea if that’s going to happen or not.”

He added: “If it’s going to happen again, I don’t know; and if we would be invited back, I don’t know. But I certainly hope so.”

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