Stacey Solomon shares clever £4 way to reduce the size of pimples in just a few hours

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It’s nice to know that even celebs suffer from human problems like pimples and blemishes, and Stacey Solomon is out to prove that, like us, she has no time for them. Because let’s face it, 2020 is bad enough without pimples popping up (hello, maskne).

But in a handy new video posted to her Instagram, the mum-of-three shares what she’s been using to zap break-outs; spot stickers. Though she doesn’t name the exact brand, it looks like Dot-a-Spot Blemish Stickers, £4.15 here.

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“I got suckered into buying some spot stickers,” she says. “If you stick the sticker on your spot, apparently it will disappear in two hours.

“My head spot isn’t bad today, but with every cycle it gets really angry and sore and almost never goes away, so maybe this will work. If not, fringe it is!”

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Spot stickers have been having a moment this year, with new brands popping up (pun intended) weekly with their own versions. And if you’re wondering how they work, they either use a hydrocolloid material to draw fluids and bacteria out of spots, or feature tiny microdarts that puncture blemishes.

These darts then dissolve after around two hours once they’ve delivered a punchy dose of spot-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil into the skin – and should reduce the size of the blemish.

Sadly though, as Stacey is likely to find out, the spot won’t magically be gone after two hours, but some of the redness and swelling may have subsided – making it easier to conceal.

It seems the 31-year-old is suffering a bit this month when it comes to her skin, as she also complains of having “lizard skin in this weather”. To counteract it, she’s been slathering on layers of moisturiser.

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If you haven’t seen as much of Stacey as of late, it’s because she’s been taking a little break from social media, after her nan fell ill the other week. But we’re delighted to see her back and sharing beauty tips now.

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