Student, 18, auctions her virginity on sick site which claims doctors check the girls haven’t had sex… and bids start from £86k

An 18-year-old has put her virginity on an infamous auction website that claims to have doctors who verify the girls have not had sex.

Kim, who is half Austrian and half German, said she has signed up to the sinister site Cinderella Escorts in order to buy a flat, car and to pay for her studies.

While for many people, they want their first time to be something special, Kim is going for the big money.

Bidding for 5ft 8in-tall Kim starts at £86,640 (€100,000) – 20 per cent goes as a fee to Cinderella Escorts, according to local media.

The Cinderella Escorts website says virginity is proven with a doctor's certificate and a potential bidder can also do their own tests to "inspect" the girl.

According to German local media, the young woman contacted a specialist escort agency with the words: "Hello, my name is Kim and I would like to sell my virginity.

"I would like to study in Germany or Vienna. With the money I can buy a flat, pay my tuition fees and afford a car."

On their website, Kim states she likes drinking orange juice and loves Greek food and roses.



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Kim says she is willing to meet with the highest bidder anywhere in the world as long as all travel is paid for.

The young woman said: "So is it really worth more than 2.3 million euro to give my virginity to a man who might eventually leave me anyway? To be honest, I do not believe it."

The student was inspired by Aleexandra Khefren, an 18-year-old Romanian model who sold her virginity for £2 million to an unnamed businessman from Hong Kong.

The case first came into the public eye in the UK after Aleexandra appeared on This Morning to discuss her plan to sell her virginity.

She told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield she needed to raise the money to stop her struggling parents being evicted and to pay for university fees.

Aleexandra said that Cinderella Escorts would be accompanying her to the meeting with her buyer, who she said seemed “very friendly”.

However her family have not been as supportive as she might have hoped – threatening to disown her when the news went public.

Her dad Toni, a riot cop, and mum Elena, a pharmacist, begged her to not go through with the deal and reportedly promised to cut her off if she goes ahead with the auction.

But in March Aleexandra said the “hotel is [already] booked” for the big night, and she has already spoken with her “buyer”, who is an unnamed businessman from Hong Kong.

The 18-year-old, who is originally from Romania, said: “I wanted to sell my virginity with Cinderella Escorts rather than giving it to a future friend who might have left me anyway.

“And I think many other girls have the same attitude.

“How many would possibly forgo their first time in retrospect if they could have £2million instead?”

While the auction caused a great deal of controversy, the publicity surrounding it led to a flurry of high bids.

Cinderella Escorts is believed to be taking 20 per cent of the proceeds of Aleexandra’s bid.

Local media reported the man behind Germany's most famous escort website is a 26-year-old German who still lives in his mother's basement.

Jan Zakobielski outed himself as the man behind the multi-million pound operation which he runs from his parents' house, both of them previously unaware of his business.

Cinderella Escorts said: “Over 300 Virgins [have] sent us requests for selling their virginity on our website.

“Girls from Australia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, from Arabic countries and from Asia.

“The wish of selling somebody’s virginity is no exception.”

Men who want to have sex with the escorts on the site have put down a 40 per cent deposit by transferring the funds to Cinderella’s bank account prior to a meeting.

The remaining money is paid in cash to the women at the point of sale of sex.

Cinderella Escorts hires out prostitutes and claims to have several adult film stars on their books with their prices starting at £1,730 an hour.

Zakobielski gets a 20 per cent cut on the sales, which bags him hundreds of thousands of pounds.

He said: "No one makes these young women do anything they don't want to do. They have their own minds and their own opinions on sexuality.

"We also reject girls where we feel that someone else is behind it and they do not want to sell their virginity on their own."

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