Stylish pup with impressive bob leads a pampered life

Fur-ever fashionable! Pampered dog wins comparisons to Vogue’s Anna Wintour thanks to her VERY neat bob haircut

  • Eric, a white pekingese from London, is a stylish pup, two, leading life of luxury 
  • Pooch sports a trendy bob which has earned him comparisons to Anna Wintour 
  • He is spoiled by doting owners Giulia Luciano, 37, and Richard Hanrahan, 36

The owners of a tiny pup whose impressive bob has earned him comparisons to Anna Wintour has told how he leads a pampered life – including Italian cuisine, ice-cream and regular trips to the groomer. 

Giulia Luciano, 37, and Richard Hanrahan, 36, say stylish pooch Eric, a two-year-old white pekingese from London, is often stopped in the street by strangers who are fascinated by his impressive locks.

His hairstyle, which is perfectly cut into a pristine bob, is groomed every four weeks to ensure it doesn’t lose its shape.

And it’s earned Eric a few flattering comparisons to celebrities, including Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.  

Pooch Eric (pictured), a white pekingese from London, is often stopped in the street by strangers who are fascinated by his impressive locks

The stylish dog’s do was compared to Anna Wintour’s, Doc Brown’s from Back to the Future and even Andy Warhol’s

‘Eric loves his hairstyle and the attention his bob generates when he’s out on his daily walks,’ explained Giulia. ‘People are often telling us how much his bob suits him and we couldn’t agree more.

‘I had always wanted a white pekingese and Eric has such a funny personality.

‘He doesn’t act like a dog and will often turn his nose up at other pooches who chase after balls or sniff one another.

‘Eric communicates a lot with his eyes and is always the leader if he’s out with other dogs.’ 

Eric’s sleek hairdo is often compared to the stylish bob of Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s (pictured in New York on May 14 2019)

Playful Eric, pictured with his ball, leads a pampered lifestyle with his owners Giulia Luciano, 37, and Richard Hanrahan, 36, catering to his every need

The pooch enjoys walks in the park and dines on delicacies such as cured meats and cheese as well as ice cream

Eric’s famous bob has meant he’s often compared to well known faces such as Anna Wintour, Doc Brown from Back to the Future and even Andy Warhol.

Giulia, who is a surgeon, is originally from Italy and says that Eric enjoys nothing more than delicacies such as cured meats and cheese as well as gelato.

She added: ‘Now that Eric has had a taste for the finer foods in life he rarely wants his own dog food.

‘He doesn’t think of himself as a dog and has very human traits such as his funny facial expressions.

The stylish pooch loves being the centre of attention thanks to his unusual haircut, which is shaped like a bob

The pekingese loves to cuddle and is taken to the groomer every four weeks to ensure his bob stays pristine 

Doting owner Guilia also loves to dress her pooch in cute outfits, such as this knitted sweater and winter jacket 

A flower among flowers! Eric is an online sensation and boasts more than 1,400 followers on Instagram 

Eric also sleeps for about 18 hours per day and has been on holiday to Italy with us.’

Giulia was so exciting about adopting Eric that she has since set up a Instagram page @eric-thepeke. 

‘He has over on thousand followers and he receives dozens of messages about his fabulous hair every day,’ she said.

‘He normally gets groomed every four weeks but during lockdown I was doing it myself, luckily as I’m a surgeon I’m good with scissors.’

During lockdown, Guilia had to cut Eric’s bob herself instead of taking him to a professional groomer 

Out on the town! The pooch receives countless compliments from strangers on his hair while out on walks 

Pictured, owners Guilia and Richard taking a selfie with their beloved pooch. They love to spoil their dog with the finer things 

Thanks to his haircut, Eric is the talk of the town whenever he goes, which has included a visit to Italy, where Guilia is from

The stylish pooch likes to sleep up to 18 hours a day according to his owner and pulls funny facial expressions 


Giulia and Richard with Eric, who is sporting a very stylish knitted sweater. Giulia is from Italy and spoils Eric with treats from her homeland 

Eric sticking his tongue out while sunbathing in the garden. The pooch never goes unnoticed when he’s out 

Beach day! Eric relaxes in the shade while on a day out at the beach with owners Giulia and Richard 

While he enjoys going for walks around London, Giulia said Eric likes to sleep more than anything 

Eric charmed Giulia and Richard with his adorable and often funny facial expressions which they say are similar to those of a human

Nap time! Eric loves to nap and relax at home in his stylish bed. The pampered pooch leads a life of luxury 

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