Stylist reveals the winter wardrobe mistakes EVERYONE makes

Stylist reveals the winter wardrobe mistakes EVERYONE makes that cheapen even the most glamorous looks – and why headbands and a trench coat are your saviours

  • It’s ideal time for wardrobe update, but winter’s harder to dress for than  summer
  • Stylist Caterina Ospina has revealed crucial mistakes that cheapen your look
  • Blunders include wearing light colours and slavishly following handbag trends 
  • Gucci-inspired headbands are a budget way to elevate any look  

With winter fast approaching, many of us are casting a critical eye over our wardrobes and considering an update ahead of the cold snap. 

But while summer is a time for throwing on floaty dresses and sandals, it’s easier to get it wrong in winter when bulky coats and layers can leave you looking less than polished. 

Now stylist Caterina Ospina has revealed the crucial mistakes many of us make that will cheapen even the most pricey ensemble.

For instance, you may dream of wafting around in winter white, but the reality is that a coat which is going to get grubby quickly will not set a sophisticated tone. 

Here Caterina, who has been working with Canary Wharf as part its Autumn Fashion Event, reveals what to avoid, and her tips for making even a budget outfit look high-end.  

Winter is a trickier time to pull off a glamorous look when the temptation is to layer up in bulky clothing (stock image)


Avoid tarnishing your lovely whites in the rain and opt for autumn tonal colours. 

While wearing all-white head to toe is undoubtedly elegant, it can also be an incredibly high maintenance hue. 

Most of us are probably familiar with the anxiety that comes with wearing white jeans, so it’s best to avoid the colour when you know the weather is going to be bad! 

Three top tips to elevate a budget look 


It’s timeless, playful and the perfect accompaniment to autumnal layering. There are plenty of retailers on the high street who offer a variety of styles and are affordable. 

From high street heroes like COS, Zara and Mango to the more luxe end like Maje and The Kooples, there’s something for everyone. Besides, is there a better way to battle the English rain than with a chic heritage coat?


 It might sound strange as we enter the colder months, but a stylish pair of shades enhance any ensemble (and will elevate the look). 

Stick to the classic colours like black or brown as they’ll go with everything – or gold or silver if you want to try something different. 

When it comes to styles, generally speaking those with a round face should go for square frames, whereas those with a heart-shaped face will find aviators among the most flattering. 


The season’s usual deluge means we are faced with battling bad hair days and fighting the frizz, not to mention the unwanted “wet-hair” look (let’s leave that for the catwalks). The best thing about this trend is that it requires minimal effort. With the clip of a barrette or the addition of a padded velvet headband, your outfit is instantaneously lifted. Look to Gucci and Prada for accessory inspiration – copycats of which can be found across the high street.

Tonal dressing – and by this I mean wearing multiple shades of the same colour at once – has been the fashion crowds failsafe way to look polished for years and can be achieved easily. 

This season look for camel, navy and burgundy – these will go with almost anything in your wardrobe too.


Autumn is the time when most people invest in a new coat and jacket – and the biggest mistake people often make is not dressing for their body shape. 

Look for items which accentuate your shape, rather than hide it and avoid those which add unnecessary volume. You want to stay warm, but you also want to look stylish. 

For example, those who are more petite should opt for a style which doesn’t overwhelm their small frame and nothing that’s longer than hip-length, while those with an hourglass figure should choose single-breasted options.


On a similar note, an ill-fitting item is the easiest way to undo any look. 

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend, if it doesn’t fit then you won’t look or feel your best. 

My advice would be to invest in pieces that fit the curves of your body – or if you fall in love with an item, but think it could do with a tweak here and there, then take it to a tailor. 

Alternatively, adding a sleek belt to a dress will help you achieve a better fit, while a structured blazer can lift even the most casual of outfits.


Attention to detail will pay dividends. Missing a button? Pills on a sweater? Do your boots need re-heeling? All of these things will immediately unravel even the finest of looks. 

And, if you do just one thing, make sure everything is freshly pressed, your clothes will instantly look more luxe.

Tiny bags, as championed by Jacquemus (pictured) are having a moment, but it goes without saying that it’s an impractical choice. Giant clutch bags inspired by Maison Margiela are on-trend, but look unwieldy and make it impossible to find anything


Forget tiny bags and use a larger one, big enough to carry your umbrella and any cold weather emergency bits. A new bag is the easiest way to upgrade your outfit and add interest. 

Forget the micro-minis, there’s not even enough room for your phone, likewise the crossbody bumbags – leave those for the cool kids. 

The pillow-like, oversized clutch bags, inspired by Maison Margiela and seen at the likes of Zara, may look roomy and practical enough for all your bits, but try carrying that and a brolly and then your phone rings.

Caterina Ospina, has been working with Canary Wharf as part of the Autumn Fashion Event campaign taking place this Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th September. Featuring free daily fashion shows, the three-day event boasts exclusive offers across a range of retailers with discounts of up to 30 per cent. For more information visit


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