Subway Is Currently Trialing Meatless Meatball Subs Across The US & Canada

As more and more fast-food chains jump on the vegan bandwagon, Subway is currently offering up vegan-friendly meatball subs in more than 600 of its restaurants.

With each passing day, more people worldwide are choosing to give up meat, or at least cut down on their daily intake of it. Some are going a step further and becoming vegan, so choosing not to consume any products that involve animals at all. That includes milk, cheese, eggs, and even honey.

While you’ll probably find it harder to stumble upon a restaurant that doesn’t have a vegan option than you would to find one that does nowadays, fast-food chains have been a little behind the curve. 2019 appears to be the year where they are looking to change that. Earlier this year, Subway launched a vegan-friendly sub in all of its UK restaurants. Now it has done the same in the US and Canada.

The stateside vegan sub is a little different though, reports The Independent. Rather than creating an entirely new sandwich from scratch, Subway recreated its iconic Meatball Marinara option. Instead of meatballs made from meat, it includes ones made from plant-based protein, provided to Subway by vegan food company Beyond Meat. We’re assuming the two types of cheese in the sandwich are also vegan-friendly.

Subway isn’t the only global fast-food chain that has turned to Beyond Meat for help with its vegan-friendly products. Last month, KFC launched its vegan fried chicken at one location in Atlanta, Georgia. Beyond Meat helped them develop the recipe. However, as was the issue with Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, KFC’s vegan chicken is being cooked using the same surfaces and in the same friers as real meat.

Due to the fact that Subway’s sandwich artists make your meal from scratch right in front of you, it doesn’t have that issue. You can even request that the employee change their gloves if they handled meat right before prepping your vegan sub. That’s why at this time, Subway might well be the only major fast-food chain that can boast strictly vegan products, and now it can do so across North America as well as the UK.

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