Supermarket shopper shares ‘insane’ self-checkout trick after claiming people use it wrong

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A supermarket hack aimed at helping customers pay for their food shopping quicker has racked up more than five million views, with shoppers explaining how they had never seen “anything” like it.

The self-checkout area of supermarkets is designed to be for shoppers who have a small amount of items or basket.

It aims at speeding up the process for shoppers because long queues can be avoided.

A lot of people using the machines will use contactless payment or take the opportunity to get rid of some loose change.

One video posted on TikTok by a supermarket shopper claims to be able to save customers a lot of time at the checkout.

The video was captioned: “Was today years old when I learned this.”

The clip showed someone feeding coins into the machine one at a time through the narrow coin slot.

It added: “This is how I’ve been doing it.”

However, the shopper then shared a clip of a trick that they had discovered, which saves time feeding coins in one at a time.

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The caption said: “This is how you should do it.

“You can add change until the green arrow goes off. Then wait for it to count.”

The video showed the customer lifting the flap up at the back to reveal a much larger coin hole hidden underneath.

The shopper was able to put a handful of coins in the slot without having to stand there putting each coin in.

It proved to be a hit amongst supermarket shoppers, who were all wondering whether the trick actually worked.

A Tesco worker filmed a response to the video, walking over to the self-checkout machines and successfully lifting up the coin slot as shown in the original TikTok clip.

Taking to the comments of the video, fans of the trick praised it and explained that it could help them save a lot of time.

One person said: “This is insane, I love this kind of stuff, never seen anything like this one, thanks!”

Another wrote: “Could have saved me a lot of my time with my £3 worth of 2ps.”

A third commented: “We’ve been standing there like lemons for no reason.”

Others were less convinced of the hack, explaining that this isn’t the right way to use the machines and it can actually cause a coin jam.

They wrote: “Don’t do this. The cover was put on there to stop the coins being jammed.

“People like you will be the ones complaining when it miscounts your money.”

Another added: “Who uses coins these days anymore? It’s all about the quick tap and go.”

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