‘Tan mum’ accused of letting 5-year-old on sunbed looks very different nowadays

Many people may easily recognise Patricia Krentcil – as she's more commonly known to people across the world as "Tan Mom."

The mother hit the headlines back in 2012 when it was alleged that she took her then-five-year-old daughter into a New Jersey tanning salon to catch some rays on a tanning bed.

She went onto be accused of child endangerment for allegedly exposing her child to artificial UV rays in a salon – and was jailed for a week before being acquitted of the charge.

The incident led the mother to be dubbed "Tan Mom" by people across the world when the story first hit the headlines.

It's reported police had to intervene when Patricia's daughter was claimed to have arrived at school with her body covered in sunburn.

Despite the marks being noticeable, it was said Patricia claimed there was only “a little bit of burn on her back.”

“I was accused of child endangerment. I was vindicated through the courts,” she told The Post.

“The owner of the tanning salon told the police when they came and asked, ‘Did she bring her daughter into the booth?’ and the owner said: ‘No.'

“I did nothing wrong, period. It doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s two separate people.

“There’s Tan Mom, celebrity, and then there’s Patricia Marie, Mom.”

Back in 2013 a grand jury refused to indict her, and she continued to have custody of her little girl.

Patricia, 54, told The Post’s “I Survived Internet Infamy” series: “I was dubbed ‘Tan Mom’ all over tabloids, and this turned into the most massive hurricane in the world.

“It went global. There are no words to describe what happened to me and my family.”

The mother has now spoken openly to Insider to talk all about how the incident impacted her life.

In the interview she said she has now cut back on her sunbed use, and is also set to flog the £4,000 bed that currently sits at her home in Florida.

She told Insider: "I couldn't tan – I was banned.

"When 'Tan Mom' hit I was a wreck. I'm a totally different person today – I changed my whole attitude on life.

"I've turned my life around. I don't get disrespected anymore. I don't party or do any crazy things."

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