Teen Mom OG Recap: Ryan Edwards Calls Maci a 'Spiteful, Evil Bitch' After Bentley Bails on B-Day Party

“It’s one thing to be a petty bitch, thats fine, but when you start including my kids, that’s just not okay with me,” adds his wife Mackenzie.

Don’t expect the bad blood between Ryan Edwards, his wife Mackenzie and his ex Maci Bookout to end anytime soon — with Bentley caught in the middle of it all.

On Tuesday’s new episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Bentley changed his mind about attending one of two birthday parties being thrown for his brother Jagger — Ryan’s son with Mackenzie — after learning it would be at Ryan’s home. So far this season, Bentley has been pretty vocal about not wanting to see his father until they went to therapy together and worried it would be too “big a jump” to suddenly show up at a party at his home.

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He was, however, okay with going to another gathering for Jagger at his grandparents’ Jen and Larry’s home, which Ryan would attend with the rest of his family. After Bentley told Jen the news, she relayed the info to Ryan, who was not thrilled.

“So mom called and said that Bentley couldn’t come to the birthday … he could come to the one at mom’s house,” he said, as Mackenzie said it’s always “some dramafest” with Maci every year. It’s clear they thought all this was coming from Bookout and not Bentley himself.

“I know, It was Thanksgiving and Halloween before, now it’s Jagger’s birthday too,” said Ryan. “She always says yes, we tell the kids he’s going to be here, they get excited and then the day of or the night before, she calls and says no.”

“That’s really annoying,” said Mackenzie.

“Mom’s reasoning was the cameras were around and he wouldn’t feel comfortable, but I think that’s just mom covering for Maci,” Ryan continued. “She doesn’t want to make Maci mad in fear of Bentley not being able to come over. I know she wants to see Bentley, but there comes a point in time where you can only take so much of Maci’s bullshit.”

Mackenzie said she was “over it” herself and felt the whole situation was unfair for Ryan’s other children.

“I’m responsible for these kids emotions and their feelings and they don’t deserve that,” she said. “It’s one thing to be a petty bitch, thats fine, but when you start including my kids, that’s just not okay with me.”

Ryan ended the discussion by calling his ex a “spiteful, evil bitch … that’s exactly what she is.”

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After attending the party at Jen and Larry’s, cameras caught up with Bentley back home with Maci and Taylor McKinney. They were both curious to hear how it went, since it was the first time Bentley had seen Ryan in a while — and were ticked when he filled them in.

“Good but there was like no interaction, me and daddy, we didn’t really talk much,” Bentley told them. He went on to say that Ryan basically only said “Hey” to him before opening presents with Jagger and retreating to his room, alone. He also said Edwards showed up to his son’s party by himself, 30 minutes late.

Home footage provided by Ryan’s family showed Bentley sitting in a chair off to the side with Jen, while Ryan, Mackenzie and their kids sat together on the floor opening gifts.

While Taylor and Maci weren’t happy with what they heard, they applauded Bentley for understanding that the party itself wasn’t about him and commended him for being a good brother to Jagger.

“Teen Mom OG” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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