Teen Takes His Family of 7 to Disney World After Saving All His Money from Baking Cupcakes

When 14-year-old Isaiah Tuckett accepted that his parents couldn’t take him to Disney World, he knew he had to take matters into his own hands.

His father, Dan Tuckett, of Madison, Minnesota, told NBC affiliate KARE that “a lot of it was probably financial. We just couldn’t afford it.”

Isaiah had to think about how he was going to make it happen — and baking cupcakes ended up being the winning ticket.

According to the news outlet, Isaiah started to sell a dozen for $20, and ended up making enough money to pay for airfare, hotel, and Disney World tickets for not only himself, his father and mother Cheri, but also for his sister, brother, sister-in-law and nephew.

“I felt like it should be a family event,” he told KARE. “I was surprised I did it in a year.”

The ambitious teen said that “people were looking for stuff and there wasn’t a bakery anymore” after Madison’s only bakery closed down, making the closest one was 30 miles away.

He got to work baking cupcakes for “birthday parties, confirmations, graduations, reunions, funerals, weddings,” he told the news outlet, adding that he even made 750 cupcakes in one weekend for the high school prom.

And although his parents couldn’t pay for the costs that come along with a Disney vacation, they did buy their son a new oven and all of his baking supplies.

Interest in Isaiah’s cupcakes goes back at least two years, when he baked for a high school graduation party.

“Everyone kept going up to my mom and asking her, ‘Where did you get these cupcakes? They’re so good,’” Karly Siedschag told KARE 11.

Isaiah isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He’s collected champion ribbons at local fairs and is now saving money to buy himself a pick-up truck.

Says Isaiah’s father: “I have a dream for a pickup truck myself, but he’ll probably end up getting one before I get mine.”

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