The names and professions most likely to ghost you

The names and professions most likely to ghost you

Ghosts aren’t just for Halloween. Nope, they work hard all year round, ready to stop texting back at a moment’s notice if the mood strikes them.

There are signs to look out for to see if someone might ghost you – have they turned off read receipts on WhatsApp or do they always give you one word answers? – but apparently we can also get an indication simply from their name.

Thortful asked 2,000 people about ghosting, in particular asking them whether they’d ghosted anyone before.

A whopping 80% of Isabellas had done so, with Lily and Mia not far behind. Daniel is the boy’s name with the propensity to ghost the most at 59%, with Matthew following closely at 55%.

Have a look at the full list of self-confessed ghosters and see if your name makes the list.

On top of this, they compared people’s jobs with whether they’d ghosted anyone before. As it turns out, those working in emergency services were most likely to (which is kind of understandable since they’re very busy people).

Lawyer’s came in second, obviously finding direct conversation something of a busman’s holiday and vanishing into the distance. Here’s the top five ghost jobs.

Basically, if you ever meet an Isabella who’s a paramedic, don’t bother expecting a reply any time soon.

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