The Queen’s florists share tutorial video on how to make the perfect Xmas wreath

While you might not be able to attend a Christmas wreath workshop this year, the Queen's royal florists have shared an easy tutorial on making one at home.

The Royal Family shared the festive post on their Instagram account on December 14, showing the six simple steps to create a DIY wreath.

The post also gave fans a brief history about Christmas, stating: "Christmas trees were introduced to Britain in the late 18th century by Queen Charlotte, consort of George III.

"But they are not the only way to bring a touch of nature to your home’s Christmas decorations."

In the clip, the royal florist starts by attaching the end of a reel wire to the copper wreath ring, which can be bought online or from any garden stores.

The base layer is made of eight small "moss sausages" that are placed on top of the ring and secured using the garden wires.

She then gathers small selections of pine, ivy and berries and layers them on top of the moss ring. This process is repeated until the entire ring is covered.

Make sure all of the foliage is tied around by the wires.

The final step is to add any decorations of your choice like dried fruit slices, dried pine cones and cinnamon sticks.

Viewers praised the tips and said they couldn't wait to try it out themselves.

One said: "Wow, very beautiful and eco-friendly. Thanks for sharing these instructions, it's wonderful!"

"Finally we can make it right!" another wrote.

A third pointed out: "First time I've heard the term 'moss sausage' and I love it!"

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