The worst day ever? Hideous photos show nightmare scenarios

And you thought you were having a bad day! Social media users share snaps of their personal disasters – from a tree falling on a car to a woman who set her hair alight blowing out birthday candles

  • Photos of people having bad days were compiled in a hilarious online gallery 
  • They include a woman on a plane with someone’s bare feet on her seat
  • Others showed a girl with hair tangled in drone, and a man covered in cacti 

We all know what it’s like to have a bad day, so spare a thought for these social media users whose bad luck was caught on camera. 

People from around the world have shared snaps of their personal nightmares, with the best examples compiled in a gallery by Constative

From having to spend a flight sitting with someone’s bare feet on top of your head rest, to finding a spider on your toothbrush, these photos will strike a chord with people everywhere.

Other unlucky situations include a girl getting a drone completely tangled in her long hair and another woman whose locks were set alight when she went to blow out candles on a cake.

Here, FEMAIL rounds up some of the worst days people have ever had. 

Are there many things worse than having to sit directly underneath a stranger’s feet on a plane? Not really, especially when you can see how incredibly dirty they are

A day out in the sun is always fun but can lead to painful sunburn if you’re not careful, as this woman experienced

Several years of beard growth, plus a headphone gone in seconds. This picture, believed to be taken in the US, is a warning to all to be careful when using power tools 

A shocking photograph captures the moment a motorist’s car was crushed under the weight of a falling tree after high winds  

This woman leaned in close to blow out the candles on her birthday cupcakes… but almost certainly wasn’t wishing for her hair to be set alight

This young girl ended up with a drone tangled up in her long brunette hair, which would have been almost impossible to cut out 

A woman went to a baseball game in the US and captured the second before a ball smacked into the back of her head 

Even people who aren’t scared of spiders probably wouldn’t love finding a creepy crawlie on their toothbrush

One man opened his front door to find it tightly packed with snow after a storm overnight 

A motorist returned to their car to find the person who crashed into them had avoided leaving details and simply wrote this note for show 

You can only wonder if the photographer was totally oblivious to the impending wave, or whether they decided to keep quiet about it for a laugh

The irony of this slogan was not lost on the photographer who spotted broken Carlsberg bottles broken on the side of the road

It’s the DIY disaster no one wants to happen; one minute your cabinet is attached to the wall, the next it’s hanging off, contents spilled on the floor, and your kitchen ruined

This unfortunate man has got himself into a spot of bother – quite painful bother if those cacti are as spiky in real life as they look in the photo

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