These pictures perfectly captured the exact moment disaster struck

Talk about perfect timing! Hilarious photographs reveal the EXACT moment disaster struck – including a little girl falling from her swing and a seagull stealing a man’s ice cream

  • US-based site Diply created gallery of pictures capturing disaster in the making
  • In one snap, child is photographed moments before she crashes from the swing 
  • In another, a man’s girlfriend took his picture right as he was bitten by a squirrel 

These amatuer photographers captured the exact moment disaster struck for their loved ones and friends. 

Collated in a gallery by US-based entertainment website Diply, these amusing snaps immortalised the run up to a disaster, or the immediate aftermaths. 

In one hilarious photograph, a little girl is seen mid-fall as she slips away from her swing during a playdate. 

In another, a smiling man brandishes his ice-cream in the air, unaware a seagull is diving in to take a bite off it.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of impressive pictures showcasing the moment when everything went wrong for these unsuspecting loved ones…  

People shared pictures that capture the exact moment disaster struck. Pictured: A woman shows her clover, but doesn’t see the frisbee headed her way 

A man happily brandishes his ice-cream in the air, unaware that a seagull is diving in to take a bite in this perfectly timed image, thought to have been taken in Britain

A couple of newlyweds were trying to take lovely picture of their big day but instead were photographed right as they were about to fall in the water

This picture caught a little girl mid-air right as she fell from her swing. The images were collated by US website Diply

This man was photographed trying to shoot his bow and the picture immortalized the exact moment the device unfortunately broke

A teenager at an undisclosed location was photographed right as a playmate accidentally hit him in the nose with a frisbee 

These three friends were attempting to take a picture by the water, but the photograph captured one of them falling instead 

In this busy nightclub, an amatuer photographer caught the moment a pint was about to spill all over the DJ’s booth

This woman was photographed right as her hair caught fire while she was bringing her friend her birthday cake 

A photographer captures the disastrous moment a chopper took off without its base, promising a very tricky landing 

A climber was photographed just as his glasses fell to the floor. They are shown mid-air in the amusing picture

Crisis averted! A dexterous father was photographed just as he swiftly protected his son’s face from an upcoming bat with his own arm

These revellers were immortalized just as their enthusiastic cheers lead to all their pints breaking in pieces

These students were photographed smiling moments before these very large buckets of water hit them during a prank 

This man’s girlfriend photographed him just as the cheeky little squirrel bit his hand during a nature walk 

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