These vegan fake meat options will have you fooled

Faux-beef mania has spawned a new age of vegan pioneers — all angling for a bite of the imitation comfort-food space. Here, four eyebrow-raising pioneers in fake meat:

The Impossible Burger

In 2016, this convincing beef faker launched to shock and awe. In January, it debuted a new, even “beefier” formula, with soy protein instead of wheat protein. Heme — a labmade protein — is the secret to its realistic look.

It’s a NOT dog

The plant-based Beyond Sausage “sizzles and satisfies like pork,” according to parent company Beyond Meat’s website — but the brat, which is sold at Yankee Stadium, is made with pea protein and wrapped in an algae-based casing.

No-shell shocker

Just’s convincing scrambled-egg alternative is made from blended mung beans and gets its golden hue from turmeric. Like its crackable cousin, it’s got plenty of protein — although clean-eating purists may find its ingredient list reads too much like a chemistry experiment.

Golden nuggets

Seattle Food Tech’s not the first to take on imitation chicken nuggets. But CEO Christie Lagally tells The Post that her company’s wheat-, soy- and corn-based imposters have a “crunch [on] the outside” and a “juiciness on the inside” that better mimic the real deal.

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