This clever £25 lightweight changing robe doubles up as a beach towel

‘No more embarrassing struggles to change on the beach’: This clever £25 lightweight hooded changing robe doubles up as a beach towel

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Whether you’re opting to stay in the UK this summer or trying your luck abroad, the chances are you won’t be alone at the beach.  

A changing robe, or surf poncho as it’s also called, could revolutionise your beach experience, giving you that extra dose of privacy for when you want to change into or out of your swimsuit. 

The Fit-Flip Changing Robe is quickly climbing Amazon bestseller lists. Not only does it help you change quickly and easily, but the fast-drying robe also cleverly doubles up as a large beach towel. Win, win. 

The Fit-Flip Robe is proving to be a clever holiday hack, doubling up as a large beach towel

A towel poncho is a brilliant beach hack. A cosy option for covering up, it also gives you privacy when you want to change and absorbs water four times faster than a traditional towel.

But the Fit-Flip Changing Robe goes one step further.

A real game-changer, it ticks even more boxes for functionality as the handy side snaps make it easy to open the changing poncho and turn it into a large beach towel.

While the extra-long hooded surf robe is designed to keep your dignity when getting changed in public areas, it’s also made out of a super absorbent and quick drying microfibre fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. 

In contrast to a traditional changing robes or towels, the finely woven microfibre material absorbs a lot more moisture and dries four times faster, even keeping sand at bay. 

The towel poncho not only turns in to a large beach towel, but the press studs allow you to use the surf towel as a practical cover for your beach chair

It’s also substantially lighter then a normal towel – the 350-gram microfiber surf poncho easily fits into most bag, using up to 60 per cent less space. 

The real design win however is the clever side snaps that allow even easier access when changing and helps the poncho open up into a large beach towel. 

With over 900 reviews and counting, the Fit-Flip Changing Robe is being described by shoppers as a ‘must-have for swimmers and beach people’, and as a savvy solution for ‘no more embarrassing struggles to change on the beach’. 

The side snaps make it easy to open the changing poncho and turn it into a large beach towel

One delighted shopper left a rave review, writing: ‘Perfect for chilly dips. Extremely comfortable and useful after a swim. Looks neat and the fasteners give amazing flexibility in using for dressing/undressing.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Soft and light. Love my poncho, use it for changing/drying pre and after river swim. Very light and soft to touch. I like how it can be unclipped and used as a deck chair towel.’

A third penned: ‘Great item, use after coming out of tub. lightweight and dries you so quickly but doesn’t stay wet itself for long unlike conventional towels. amazing product. I ordered the large and it is perfect.’ 

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