This is why Donald Trump and Melania don’t share a bed

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s relationship has been under a microscope since the outspoken real estate mogul took office in 2016. From her refusal to move into the White House until after their son Barron finished out the school year, her less than joyful facial expressions at most public events, and the countless hand holding gaffes between her and her husband, most recently at the final presidential debate, it’s understandable that the public is fascinated with their seemingly unconventional marriage and relationship (via Business Insider, Bustle, and Elle).

Gossip is always swirling around FLOTUS who shares very little with the public, and theories that she wanted nothing to do with the role of First Lady seemed to be confirmed after secretly recorded tapes came out featuring the former model disparaging migrant children at the border as well as her obligations to decorate for the Christmas holiday (via The Guardian).

Earlier this summer, The Art of Her Deal, by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan was released and seems to confirm what Free, Melania by CNN correspondent Kate Bennett addressed in her book from last year — POTUS and FLOTUS basically lead separate lives, and that includes sleeping in separate suites in the White House (via New York Times). Although both books are unofficial biographies of the elusive Melania Trump, they seem to confirm what insiders have said long before the couple came to Washington, the couple never sleeps together and it’s not something new (via US Weekly).

Whatever agreement the President and First Lady have it seems to work for them

When most people dream of getting married, it usually doesn’t involve living in separate rooms from their spouse. But when you’re five years in and can’t get a good night’s sleep because your partner snores like a bear, having a separate suite with a “glam room,” your own private gym, and decorated without any complaints from your significant other including throw pillows and blankets galore, Melania Trump’s supposed third floor White House suite, as described in Bennett’s tell-all book, sounds like a fairy tale (via Business Insider)

And actually, it might not be that uncommon. According to a 2017 survey from the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 1 in 4 married couples in the US sleep in separate beds (via USA Today).

While what really goes on behind closed doors in this presidential marriage is mostly fodder for gossip, the Trump camp certainly tries to keep the information about where the President and First Lady sleep under wraps. History seems to be repeating itself, however. It wasn’t that long ago that the Kennedy’s slept separately while JFK was in office. Granted, he was a known philanderer, but it seems that as long as each partner is happy in the relationship, none of it matters (via Business Insider).

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