Three bathroom upgrades to organise and improve your daily routine

DURING January it’s common to look at our homes and wonder what could be improved.

But you don’t need to make big changes to see results – sometimes small additions can help.

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Buying the odd item for the home is more than ‘retail therapy’, especially if the new purchases solve niggling issues.

And with January's sales in full swing there are good opportunities to save on items too.

To give you some ideas, we’ve picked three items which could be added to a bathroom to improve daily use.

Be that providing you with healthy information, a sense of order near the sink, or a better wake-up routine.

1. Joseph Joseph Easy Store Toothbrush Caddy

It’s a simple thing to achieve order, but it’s harder to maintain it.

This toothbrush caddy from homeware brand Joseph Joseph is a good way to keep brushes in order.

Manual or electric toothbrush, the holder can handle both and there should even be room for the toothpaste.

Ventilated, with non-slip feet it even disassembles easily for cleaning.

  • (Ad) Joseph Joseph Easy-Store Toothbrush Caddy, £7.50 (save £4.50), Amazon – buy here

2. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scales

Better known for its well-priced Android smartphones, Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Scales do more than weigh members of the household.

While weight is one thing it offers, there are 13 data points the scales can provide – including muscle volume and body composition.

Designed to synchronise with the Mi Fit app on Android phones via Bluetooth, the scales can help with insight into fitness goals.

Alternatively, they are a chic looking addition to a bathroom where regular scales simply won’t do.

  • (Ad) Xiamoi Mi Smart Scales, £22.95 at Amazon – buy here

3. Thermostatic Mixer Shower Set

It’s not every day that you change the mixer on your bathroom shower, and professionals are always recommended for such an involved job.

But you can pick up this set at a fraction of its retail price, meaning there could be a bit more in the budget to pay for installation.

The set comes with a raindrop shower head as well as an adjustable angled head, offering all the options you could ask for.

Thermostatic taps will ensure water temperature is maintained regardless of water being used elsewhere in the house, and the set comes with a 10 year guarantee.

  • Thermostatic Mixer Shower Set, £64.99 (save £185), Ebay – buy here

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