TikTokker says famous Essex restaurant Sheesh REFUSES to serve vegans

‘Why would you want to come here?’ Essex restaurant Sheesh adored by Katie Price and TOWIE stars REFUSES to serve vegan diner

  • Vegan TikTokker Amie-Beth called celebrity favourite restaurant Sheesh in Essex
  • When asked what she could eat, she says she was told ‘we don’t serve vegans’ 
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A vegan TikTokker says she was treated ‘rudely’ by an Essex restaurant beloved by celebrities including Katie Price and reality TV stars.

Amie-Beth Steadman, 27,  from Essex, wanted to dine at Sheesh in Chigwell, but decided to call the eatery up before going, as she had been before and there hadn’t been any plant-based dishes on the menu.

But when she called, rather than being given information about what she could eat, she says the woman on the phone said she ‘didn’t know why a woman would come here’.

Taking to TikTok to discuss the experience in a video, Amie-Beth said she ‘didn’t know if [she] should be annoyed’ by situation, but pointed out that being vegan in 2023 isn’t unusual.

TikTok user Amie-Beth Steadman (pictured) took to the platform to share an experience she had when calling an Essex restaurant – which she says refused to cater to her as a vegan

In the clip, she explains that a friend of hers returned from a trip to Dubai, and the pair wanted to go to a nice restaurant. Amie-Beth’s mother suggested they try Sheesh. 

She explains in the video: ‘I’d been to Sheesh a couple of years ago, and I’m a vegan, and they didn’t actually have anything on their main menu that was vegan.

‘But I was thinking…maybe I could just get some sides. Some chips and rice, all of that, and like mix it all together.’

She added: ‘Whenever I go to restaurants, I actually prefer side dishes to mains a lot of the time…Anyway [when I went to Sheesh] a couple years ago, I asked to do that, and they wouldn’t let me.’

Sheesh restaurant in Essex (pictured) is a favourite dining spot for celebrities including members of the TOWIE cast

As she couldn’t remember what solution she came to that time, Amie-Beth suggested calling the restaurant in advance, thinking that perhaps she could be accommodated if she let them know her dietary requirements in advance.

She explains that they rang the restaurant and told them she was vegan, and asked if it would be ok if she just ordered sides, as there are no suitable main course dishes.  

‘So the lady on the phone said “we don’t cater for vegans”,’ she explained. 

‘[My friend said], “yeah, I understand that. But I can see obviously you’ve got loads of sides. She was just wondering if maybe she could order a few of those. And have that as her main?”.’

The pair were then surprised when the woman working at Sheesh replied: ‘I don’t even know why vegan would even want to come to our restaurant anyway.’

In her video, Amie-Beth continues, saying: ‘I just was like, you know, it’s 2023, being a vegan isn’t weird. Like we were just asking a question like, fair enough if that’s your policy, but, saying “why would a vegan even want to come here?”.’

A number of viewers sympathised with Amie-Beth, noting that it is unusual for restaurants not to cater to vegans these days

She adds: ‘I just can’t believe that a restaurant that…is so well known would just be so rude.’

Numerous viewers left supportive comments on the video, with some pointing out that veganism is now fairly widespread.

One wrote: ‘If a restaurant doesn’t offer vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options in 2023 it’s dead! No excuse.’

Another added: ‘I’m not vegan but what actually is their issue with vegans ordering sides or spending money in their restaurant.’

And a third agreed, saying: ‘Wow vegans and vegetarians aren’t rare are they back in the 80’s !!! This is terrible everywhere should cater for everyone.’

MailOnline has contacted Sheesh for comment. 

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