TikTok's Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson Provide $20,000 in Scholarships for Young Athletes

Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson are doing their part to help kids achieve their academic dreams.

The TikTok stars have partnered with the youth sports social networking app SportsHi to commit $20,000 of scholarship money to underserved high school students, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal.

SportsHi, which connects high school students to colleges and scholarship opportunities and also allows students to communicate and share content, will provide the scholarships to students who are high school athletes.

Both Johnson and Richards' donations will be split into two $10,000 allotments, making a total of four scholarships between the pair.

"I know how important it was for me to have scholarships when I was first applying to college. Having that financial help can be crucial," Johnson, 22, tells PEOPLE. "And sports scholarships can be even more competitive. Being able to help give these kids a chance to get ahead and set them up for a brighter future meant a lot to me."

Says Richards, 19, "When I was growing up sports were a big part of my life and I learned a lot of life lessons and created long-lasting friendships through that. I'm grateful for where I am today, knowing that those experiences in sports helped shape who I am. I'm honored to be able to give back in this way so other kids can have this experience that they otherwise might miss out on."

Along with providing scholarship funds, both Richards and Johnson also became investors in the company.

"I'm going to be graduating from college soon so it's going to be really cool to watch these young athletes and young college students go through the process," says Johnson. "And hopefully see how the scholarship I can give them helps them move forward."

SportsHi has also partnered with professional athletes Andre Drummond, Santia Deck and Cierra Burdick to provide scholarships to students in need.

Richards and Johnson are among the top performers on TikTok, with nearly 35 million combined followers.

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