Tinder launches 'Face to Face' video chat function

Tinder is set to launch a new video experience that allows you to connect visually with your matches, without having to exchange personal information.

Face to Face allows you to hit a video notification with someone that you have matched with. Once you have both selected that option, you’ll be able to connect on a video chat.

Which sounds way more intense than just messaging – but it could also be a great way to create new connections and deeper bonds with prospective daters.

Face to Face was built by the Tinder Trust and Safety team, and ensures control along the way, which they say prioritises your safety.

The new feature was tested erlier this year and includes some key differences which stand out from your typical video experience.  

How does Tinder Face to Face work?

You both decide when it’s time for video: 

Just like matching, Face to Face is enabled on a match-by-match basis. Once the conversation is flowing and you’re ready to show you’re interested in a video chat, tap the video icon.

The feature won’t be enabled until you’ve both opted in. And it doesn’t tell your match when you turn it on.

You can disable it at any time:  

Just like you can enable the possibility of a Face to Face on a match-by-match basis, you can also turn it off at any point.

Not feeling like a video chat today? No problem. 

There are rules:

After Face to Face is unlocked, callers must agree to Tinder’s ground rules, so your chat can hopefully start on the right foot. 

The video will be split down the middle: 

Your match’s face will be as big as yours on the video screen, as the chat is split down the middle, rather than having one of you in a small corner. Which means you can keep an eye on your hair and makeup.

You can give feedback: 

Once the call has ended, Tinder will ask how it went.

Remember: you can send a report to their team at any time once the call ends. 

‘We’re excited to share that our Face to Face feature is rolling out to our global community  after receiving positive feedback from our members who have had early access to it,’ says Rory Kozoll, head of trust and safety product at Tinder. 

‘This adds to our growing list of features built focused on member safety throughout their dating journey, like Photo Verification, Safety Center and our offensive message detection technology.’ 

What are the Tinder Face to Face rules?

When you start a Tinder Face to Face chat, you will have to agree to the following guidelines:

No nudity or sexual content.

No harassment, hate speech, violence or other illegal activities.

No content involving minors.

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