Toddler’s reaction to seeing Hulk transform so incredible Mark Ruffalo responds

Kids love to be amazed and one toddler couldn't believe her eyes when she saw mild-mannered Bruce Banner transform into the Incredible Hulk.

This adorable moment shows the Belfast tot watching Avengers star Mark Ruffalo change into a full-on angry, green monster for the first time.

Two-year-old Clara Rafferty has gone viral after her dad, comedian Paddy Raff shared the video on his social media, report Belfast Live.

Displeased that one of her favourite Marvel superheroes is getting a little bit out of control, Clara can be seen waving her finger disapprovingly and saying, 'No, no'.

But when The Hulk transforms she looks completely shocked in the heartwarming video.

Having been shared thousands of times across social media, the video has now caught the attention of The Hulk himself, actor Ruffalo.

He shared the video on his Twitter adding: "The secret way of stopping Dr. Banner from turning into the Hulk."

Shocked that the video had been retweeted by the Hollywood actor, comedian Paddy who is performing headline shows at the SSE Arena told Belfast Live: "It's a bit surreal that he’s seen it and funny that she’s oblivious to how many people have seen her reaction."

He later tweeted: "The actual #Hulk himself has shared my video, insane. Gonna get Clara to do support for me at my SSE shows.

"Just her reacting to videos of stuff."

He then replied to Ruffalo: "Wow! That’s both you and Lou Ferrigno have been told off by Clara now

"Can’t wait till she’s old enough to understand how big a deal she was. Thanks."

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