Toffee flavoured Terry’s Chocolate Orange has arrived in the UK

Chocolate fans, rejoice because this one is for you.

Terry's Chocolate Orange is one of the nation's favourites, featuring a smooth milk chocolate with a bold and fruity infusion, and for fans with a sweet tooth the brand new flavour is sure to get mouths watering.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee is the latest flavour combination from the brand, it still boasts the same smooth and rich taste – but this time it's embedded with loads of pieces of toffee, making this the ultimate sweet treat for any chocolate lover.

The best news? The new addition is only 160 calories in its entirety, perfect for some guilt-free indulgence – how good does that sound?

The flavour is currently sold out in Canada where it originates, but luckily, there are a number of websites in the UK that are currently stocking the imported treat.

Stockists include GbGifts (£4.99), MrPscornershop (£5.50) and Thesnackchest (£7.50).

The news was reported by popular food blogger, NewfoodsUK in a Facebook post.

The post has already racked up over 1.5k likes and over 2.5k comments. Many users took to the comment section to express their delight.

One user commented: "Nice, I'd love to try it x"

Another user stated: "Mmm they look delicious!"

While a third tagged a friend and suggested in a comment: "We need to find these!"

And it isn't the first time the UK has seen this flavour combination from the much loved brand.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Toffee Crunch is already available in the UK, although it regularly sells out. Whilst they don't have the signature circular shape, the mini pieces are loaded with crunchy toffee and caramel pieces.

If you're keen to try the mini's, you can currently buy a box of 10 of the Toffee Crunch flavour online at Amazon for £25.50.

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