Twitter Did NOT Hold Back About Jed’s Song During His ‘Bachelorette’ Proposal

Almost every season of The Bachelorette has ended with someone popping the question, and even though Hannah’s season has been a bit unconventional, it included an engagement, too. Jed’s proposal to Hannah on The Bachelorette incorporated his love for music, and it’s not surprising at all that he’d include a song he wrote for that moment. But just as unsurprisingly, Twitter really didn’t want to hear it.

As soon as Jed arrived at the proposal spot with his guitar on hand, it was pretty clear what was about to happen. But to his credit, he did start things off in a pretty normal way — sharing that he was in love with Hannah and how she makes him feel.

"The way that you made me feel and the light that you have inside of you is brighter than I ever could have imagined," Jed said. "I never thought I could love someone like this this fast, and the other side is kind of unsure, but right here is for sure and I know that I love you."

Then, he said he wasn’t so good at talking, so he whipped out a guitar and performed a song that he seemingly wrote himself. The song started out like this:

There was more to it than that, but fans weren’t having it, and they made their thoughts more than clear on Twitter.

Many people were incredibly frustrated at the very first sight of the guitar:

Plenty of others were tweeting about how bad the song itself was… although it’s totally possible that the fan opinion about Jed on its own had colored these opinions:

Although some people did think it was a step up from the dog food jingle he tried (and failed) to impress Hannah’s dad with when he met her family in Greece.

Ultimately, though, people were not into it, and some were even angry about the song, and when it came to their tweets, they were not holding back. No shocker here — Bach fans are passionate, and this season has been a bit stressful to watch to have it all culminate in this song.

Of course, knowing about the fact that Jed reportedly had a girlfriend before he went on the show did taint his proposal a bit, and after the blow of losing Tyler C., fans just weren’t prepared to hear his song. All that mattered was that Hannah was very into it, though — and she was… at the time, at least.

Jed’s been open about how important a role music plays in his life, so why not include an original song in one of the most important moments he’ll have? No word on whether or not being on The Bachelorette will do much for his music career, but he definitely put himself out there.

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